There are plenty of fish in the sea. This has never been more true for brands and retailers than it is today as eCommerce continues to expand. It seems like every day a new startup or app tries to disrupt a new industry and more giants are offering cheaper prices. They’re cutting into your customer lifetime value and driving up acquisition costs.

As more players are entering the marketplace, your consumers may feel tempted to cheat. Other brands may try to woo your customers, but keep these three rules in mind to keep customers loyal.

1. Start your relationship off with a big bang
To keep your customers’ eyes from straying from your website, build a relationship right from the beginning. Draw new customers in with incentives like Share and Save. They will get a good deal and you will get a potential new customer from their share. Take this new relationship to the next level with a huge incentive for them to join a customer loyalty program. This is the best way to set your business apart and keep your customers coming back.


2. Don’t be afraid of PDA
Show your customers that you love them. Feature your Top Influencers on site in a Fan gallery with Instagram curated photos of their best #selfies or use them to populate your product pages. Your shoppers will love the special attention and be less likely to get a change of heart with small deals like free shipping. Keep your active membership high by publicly displaying and highlighting which actions on site and social will get your members rewards and points. For the more competitive shoppers, take your PDA to the next level with a public leaderboard to keep your shoppers interested with a gamified loyalty program.

More importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for some PDA in return. Make it easy for satisfied shoppers to leave positive ratings and reviews for their recent purchases. Also include one-click share buttons on your product pages to enable your shoppers to seamlessly spread the news about their purchases.

3. Know when to ‘put a ring on it’
As your relationship develops with your customers, build more trust and loyalty by giving repeat buyers VIP status. Stagger your loyalty rewards to keep your new customers motivated to earn more and your old customers coming back with larger rewards for their patronage. By cementing your relationship with your customers, they will not just remain loyal, but turn into lifetime brand advocates. They will recommend you to their friends, which keeps your acquisition costs low and they will be motivated to return as well, keeping your retention rates high.

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