Mobile devices have completely revolutionized the way customers and brands engage with each other. People are constantly connected to the internet via mobile devices and interact with brands whenever and wherever they want. They do not like to wait and want their complaints and issues to be addressed immediately. For this very reason, mobile apps are gaining huge popularity as it is the shortest way for brands to reach their customers and always stay connected to them.

Millions of customers today, make purchases on their smartphones with the help of apps. However, just making your customers download your company’s app on their mobile devices will not take you very far. The key to success relies on providing your customers with exceptional customer service and enhanced user experience so as to improve customer loyalty and turn them into brand advocates. Lack of proper customer service will propagate your customers to uninstall your app and switch to your competitor. As the churn rate for mobile apps is very high, companies need to deliver state-of-the-art customer experience.

Let’s learn how brands can leverage mobile apps to provide top-notch customer service:

Empower your Customers with “Self-Service”

Make your customers more independent by letting them serve themselves. Provide them with self-service menus within the app so that they can resolve their queries on their own with ease. However, you can still offer them information they need by allowing them to discuss their issue with a customer service representative right away, if required.

Enabling your customers with a chat platform on the app where they can interact with a service agent will make it easy for them to access any information on the fly and will keep them happy and informed always.

Enhanced Customer Service

According to Gartner, weak mobile customer service is harming customer engagement.

Mobile apps enable real-time access to data and thus make it possible for service representatives to make decisions instantly without keeping the customers waiting. This agile and highly responsive tool ensures that the customer queries are handled as soon as they come up and there is no need to follow the traditional 9 to 5 model of service.

Listen to your Customers

Brands need to listen to their customers in order to connect with them and make them feel counted. Customers, these days, expect to be a part of a company and like to throw their suggestions and want them to be heard. Creating in-app feedback forms will create an opportunity for customers to easily get in touch with the company and send feedbacks. By listening to them and making changes in the processes accordingly, companies can surely make the app-owners feel special while cultivating trust in them.

Offer Something Extra

According to a survey, “Fully engaged” customers deliver a 23% premium over the average customer in share of wallet, profitability and revenue.

If you want to differentiate yourself from competitors, it is advisable to offer additional services through your app as customers really appreciate if you go out of the way to offer something they have not expected. For example, services such as route planner, discount calculator and weather forecasts will add more value to your app. Customers will be forced to return back to your app.

Also, providing them with good content to keep them engaged always works. Share reading stuff that can add value to their lives and allow them to share informational content on their favourite social media sites, thus maximizing the potential of your brand.

Reduce Burden on your Customer Service Department

As customer’s demands have grown and they require round-the-clock service, offering services through mobile app is the best way to keep them satisfied and contented. It has come into rescue for businesses which can’t afford to offer services in the middle of the night, thereby laying lesser burden on their staff and making both employees and customers happy.

Cut Short the Sales Cycles

With the advent of mobile apps, companies can present, pitch and close the deals faster than never before. Nobody wants to engage in long-term sales cycle and switching to mobile devices grants both sales reps and customers with the ability make sales processes faster with instant access to information. Customers can effortlessly extract marketing content and have a glance at product presentations to take quick decisions and on the other hand sales teams can reduce the time taken for administrative tasks such as getting the documents signed digitally and therefore better cater to their customers.

Know your Customers Better

Keeping a track of how a particular customer use the mobile device to communicate with the content and media they encounter, will give you a better picture of your customer. With the support of analytics, companies can gauge the taste and hopes of their customers better. Getting insights of customer behaviour facilitates brands to offer more personalized and better user experience and predict their future needs.

Customer service is vital to businesses of any size. With mobile apps available today, you can be available to your customers 24*7 and dramatically improve their overall experience.