Marketing has changed, it is no longer about reaching out to customers, it is now attracting them in. The modern marketer must be present from the very beginning of the buyer’s journey in order to be there at the very end. The key to reaching out to customers throughout their buying journey is by creating a customer centric culture and the way to build this culture is by using sCRM.

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Modern marketing is about attracting prospects in. Customers today have a nearly infinite number of choices and their buying journeys start before you know them. So, if you’re not there at the start, then you’re already finished.

Everyone in your organisation needs to be:

  • Watching
  • Listening
  • Ready to act
  • Ready to adapt

That’s a customer-centric culture and the tool to build it is social CRM, or sCRM.

sCRM TIP 1: Be the solution, before they know there is one.

Cold prospects don’t know you but they’ve got the problems you can solve and they’re searching for solutions.

37% of B2B buyers ask questions on social media.

You’ve got people who can answer them and sCRM can help you see where you’re needed.

sCRM TIP 2: Be first among equals, when they research options.

Warm leads have heard of you but the bad news is, they’ve also heard of your 1000+ competitors.

So, is there another way to connect?

35% seek business recommendations from others.

Those people you don’t know have friends you do know and you can use sCRM to hook you up.

sCRM TIP 3: Make it onto their shortlist, sooner.

Prospects are open to talking with you but you’re on a list with others and you need to be at the top.

60% of buyers interact with sellers on social media sites.

When they’re ready to talk, they choose the channel. Use sCRM to keep all social channels open.

sCRM TIP 4: Be an old friend, from the start.

When they contact you, they want individual treatment. You may know more about them than you think so don’t go into your first conversation cold.

30% of marketers believe “disconnected data” prevented a sale.

sCRM can make sure interesting prospects are in your CRM, before they even contact you.

sCRM TIP 5: Remember the job isn’t finished when the sale is closed.

Making a sale doesn’t mean you’ve won, it just means you’re in the running for a relationship but you always need to keep the conversation going.

73% of marketers drop the ball after a first sale.

Starting the conversation is just the start, sCRM continues the relationship.

That’s how Social CRM delivers customer centricity. The next step is up to you.

Using this guide, engage and delight your prospects by transforming your business culture to one of customer centricity: ‘The Ultimate Guide to: Creating customer centricity with CRM’

This article first appeared on the Redspire Blog