Did You Give Your Customers a Valentine?

We get so bogged down in life’s everyday chores. As songwriter Harry Chapin famously said, “There’s planes to catch and bills to pay” – thank goodness there’s Valentine’s Day to remind us to stop and show how much we care about the special people in our lives.

They’re underappreciated and overworked too. Think about how much that special day means to them.

So, what about your customers? How do you show your appreciation for them on this Valentine’s Day?

Did You Give Your Customers a Valentine?

Now, I don’t mean you should take them out to a romantic dinner or buy them flowers or candy – even though they would probably like that. What I mean is, what special acts do you do to show your appreciation to the very people that, by way of their purchases, put food on your table and a roof over your head? Oh, you never thought of it that way. Well, you should.

Your customers make it possible for you to provide for your family. The least you should do is find a special way to show your appreciation. Maybe Valentine’s Day is just the day for that.

My challenge to you is to take this Valentine’s Day to find 3 ways to do something special for your customers, something meaningful and thought-provoking that they will remember for weeks to come.

Even better – don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to do this. Take this as a challenge to meet every day! Next, think of some holiday-specific treat or giveaway that can be used throughout the year. Maybe holidays can be special shopping days for your business. This is a great way to generate revenue on some traditionally quiet shopping days.

Did you give your customers a Valentine? Give it a try, there’s little to lose!