Net Promoter Score (NPS) has gained traction in customer-centric organizations, such as telco providers, financial institutions, and retailers who want to ensure customers have a positive experience. As my colleagues have detailed in their earlier posts on NPS and closed-loop surveys, identifying dissatisfied customers and immediately resolving their bad experiences is important to maintaining a loyal and happy customer base. Read on to find out how a US mobile carrier implemented a cross-channel closed loop survey and the crucial steps to make it effective.

A top tier mobile carrier in the US has been running a successful NPS campaign to improve customer satisfaction, identify detractors, and mitigate churn. Using SoundBite’s Cross-Channel Survey Solution they are delivering over 1 Million NPS surveys monthly via interactive text messages. Customers that respond to the survey are segmented by their satisfaction levels, with low scored segments being escalated to SoundBite’s cloud predictive dialer. This allows agents to be presented the consumers to dial that require quick resolution of their concerns and issues, therefore “closing the loop.” The survey has achieved a 21% response rate, with 97% of the responses received in the first 24 hours. This enables prompt follow up with valued customers and the conversion of detractors into promoters. To get started on your own closed-loop survey, follow the steps below.

4 Steps to an Effective Closed-Loop Survey Strategy

  1. Implement a survey via the channel your customer has indicated he prefers. Text, voice, email and web are all viable options.
  2. Have business rules in place within your communications platform that will automatically segment out responses that fall under a specified satisfaction level. These are your detractors who will need resolution from your “save team.”
  3. Categorize the negative responses into separate programs by any number of filters: keywords, NPS score, etc. and deliver these detractors to live agents that can best service that consumer. Detractors can be delivered in real-time to live agents, or after a set time period depending on the issue.
  4. Use dialer technology like SoundBite’s cloud predictive dialer for live agents to follow up directly with the detractors. The Agent Voice Portal contains specific customer data and can be enhanced with customized agent scripting. Based on the program that the detractor is related to, the agent then has the language and customer details necessary to ensure the best possible chance to resolve the customer’s issue and retain their business.

Organizations that are focused on maximizing the customer experience are realizing that closed-loop surveys, featuring a dialer and a live agent to reach the detractors, is integral to protecting brand value. Providing cross-channel customer service in the way that customers want to receive it will ultimately result in long-term customer satisfaction.