Every generation wants to have their voices heard whether it’s hippies, punk rock, or Occupy Wall Street. Music and pop culture often reflect the cultural changes going on in society, but businesses and our relationships with businesses, also do. As the hippie movement of the 1960′s demanded change and welcomed the Age of Aquarius . . . today, we are seeing the dawning of the age of customer experiences. Today, we have a new generation letting go of past established communication and sharing in new ways. They are a mobile generation looking to push the experience boundaries and receive information in an open, free and social way.

As The Yankee Group outlined in a recent white paper titled, Drive More Valuable Customer Experience With Proactive Engagement Across the Life Cycle, we are going through a renaissance of sorts. Consumers are actively seeking new kinds of experiences and raising their collective voices to drive innovative changes. People across all social and generational demographics want their personal preferences to be heard and honored.

And, in this mobile world consumers are looking for true personal experiences. Companies cannot afford to deliver one way messages if they want a positive customer experience – they need to have a personalized two way customer engagement. To improve customer engagement, companies are investing based on these four forces:

New kinds of consumers – With an expected 5 billion mobile-connected consumers by 2015, there has been a major shift in influence, power and behavior. Customers are now in the driver’s seat, with Web and social media tools creating volumes of information. And with the influence of mobile devices, all communications are in the palm of the customer’s hand.

New kinds of experiences – Today’s world is about social engagement anywhere and on any device to ensure a positive experience. Personalized cross-channel interactions throughout the customer life cycle are key in delivering a quality 1 to 1, personalized customer experience.

New kinds of opportunities — Ensuring meaningful contact that includes a complete picture of the customer, drives revenue, creates a relevant customer dialogue, and presents a single face to the customer is key. By capturing customers’ behaviors and preferences – and sharing that memory across departments for a full 360-degree view of the consumer – businesses are building personalized customer engagement strategies from past experiences and improving responsiveness.

New kinds of technologies — By implementing a cloud-based approach, combined with key enablers such as SMS message opt-in, mobile Web sites, and a preference center that drives personalized, targeted customer interactions; business can deliver a completely different level of personalized service to engage users in a unique experience across the life cycle.

Every generation wants to have their voices be heard from society, government and business. The mobile generation of today is striving for and demanding proactive engagement across the life cycle. It is our role to listen and embrace the Age of Customer Experience. If you want to learn more about how to proactively engage with your customers, download Yankee’s whitepaper Drive More Valuable Customer Experience With Proactive Engagement Across the Life Cycle.