Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos announced to the shareholders that this year’s profits would be invested in long-term loyalty and product opportunities. Although a bold move, I understand the dream of investing now to proactively WOW the customers and earn trust in service to join the lust for their products; both earning more business from the existing and new customers in today’s and future Amazon arenas!

I believe it is time to take a minute, step back and ask your self some questions. Observe from your customer’s point of view, be honest with your self; take notes on what you see and what is not there.

Do you believe your customers continue talking about you after they’ve bought from you? Do you have a plan in motion (followed religiously) to make them feel special? Do you strive with a fully trained team to move the one time customers to repeat business? Do you solicit testimonials and referrals? Do you understand the importance to fully be prepared to WOW your existing customers on their repeat visits? If you fail to show your outmost appreciation you will prompt them to not revisit.

I despise being put on hold because “your call is very important to us” and also detest waiting for someone to acknowledge me while finishing up a personal conversation with a colleague. You and your staff should be honest with your customers, offer no excuses, inform them truly and allow them to make their own informed decision. Do you have enough staff scheduled to meet the needs? Staff should be fully trained. Are you and your staff productive? Do you break promises to the customers?

Review the path of your customer through your business and detect the spots where improvement will yield better customer satisfaction. What are the spots where your customers can possibly be irritated; what are the spots where you feed them hospitality galore? Taking action both to correct the wrong and enforce the right will result in increasing your loyalty numbers. Seeing your Customers’ Point of View should be a regularly scheduled pit stop.