customer service evaluation concept on blackboard

Businesses spend millions of dollars each year hiring Influencers to endorse and promote their products. They hope that they will become effective brand ambassadors that will convert their followers into paying customers. Bust what most businesses don’t know is that there is a devoted but neglected group that will probably give them more ROI in their marketing than any Influencer. That group is their loyal customers.

You would think harnessing the power of loyal customers would be a common practice but it’s not. A lot of businesses are focused on growing their customer base instead of focusing on customer retention. Most organizations and firms get most of their profit from the small amount of loyal clients and customers who don’t want to buy anywhere else.

What’s great about these loyal people is that they have already experienced your product or service and love it enough to continue using it! They can share their experiences with their friends and family through word of mouth. This marketing tactic allows customers to expose your business to a new audience.

For example: If a handyman does a great job on the problem I have at home, I’m most likely going to recommend him to my friend or family if they are experiencing a similar problem. Overtime, this word-of-mouth marketing will cause the handyman to expand his customer network that will not only include me, but my own personal connections.

Show Off Customer Testimonials

After you are done finishing a project with a customer, ask for a video or written testimonial. Testimonials are positive recommendations or reviews from a customer. Every time you approach someone for a testimonial, ask them to answer these three things about their experience: What have I done for you? How did my service or product help improve business or life? And would you recommend me to someone else?

I know this process seems like a no-brainer but a lot of businesses have survived and died from reviews. I look at a business like I look at a book on Amazon, I check the reviews first to determine if I should contact it over its competitors.

I have seen this help small businesses say open for years in my local area. They have the ability to live off of word-of-mouth marketing without being forced to pay for advertisement.

For example, when I needed to learn how to drive a car, I called a local driving school. It was really hard for me to schedule an appointment because they were booked for weeks. When I finally booked my appointment and the driving instructor arrived to my house I asked him, “How do you get so much businesses? Your business seems really small and you only have a website.” He answered me, “We are a small business. It’s ran by me and my siblings. We pay no money on advertising or other marketing stuff. So we get most of our customers through word-of-mouth and referrals. This is how we’ve been operating for over 20 years.”