Technical support engineers are master multi-taskers. They bound seamlessly from one caller to the next — with occasional breaks to refill a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew – and are frequently the first touch point customers have with the company. Does your support team have the skills necessary to provide consistent positive customer experiences?

6 Reasons Support Engineers Need Specialized Customer Service Training

Technical support engineers are well versed in specialized product knowledge, but do they possess the skills and attitude necessary to create superior customer experiences? Unfortunately many do not. Although technical support is a form of customer service, there are some clear differences between providing support and general customer service. Customers who call for technical support have urgent issues that must be resolved quickly and competently. Here are six reasons support staff need specialized customer service training:

  1. Customers are unhappy as they are experiencing a problem, or what they perceive to be a problem.
  2. A customer’s knowledge of the product or service varies widely from caller to caller and support engineers must be adept at communicating to customers of all knowledge levels.
  3. To effectively troubleshoot an issue both the support engineer and the customer must follow a specific sequence of events.
  4. The engineer must be able to expertly navigate the company knowledge base while expressing genuine empathy and concern.
  5. Technical support engineers must possess superior product knowledge and excellent critical thinking skills to systematically troubleshoot and resolve issues to satisfactorily serve the customer.
  6. Above all, effective technical support is a collaborative effort that requires the engineer and customer to work together to resolve an issue.

Key takeaways from the above points? Successful technical support engineers must not only have excellent product knowledge but also superior communication skills to provide consistent world-class support.

Improve Support Staff Performance with Customer Service Training

Providing your technical support representatives with communication skills training ensures consistent positive customer experiences. Support employees will learn how to quickly build rapport, expertly guide the customer through the call, and express sincere empathy.

Customer service training for technical support ensures your engineers perform optimally with every caller. To learn more about our customer service training course for support professionals click here.