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In marketing, you see a lot of listicles that don’t live up to the adjectives in their titles. But when we saw Salesforce Canada’s post, 30 Inspiring Customer Service Quotes and 4 Key Tenets to Live By, we clicked. Salesforce is known for great content, and besides, who doesn’t hope to be inspired? Customer service alone is something that we’re passionate about—as evidenced by our recent G2 Crowd: Best of 2014 awards in Support and Ease of Doing Business With.

All of the 30 quotes you see in Salesforce’s original post are fantastic, as they echo the increasingly embraced notion of customer-centric business. But out of all the (beautiful) images Salesforce created for this list, we focused on the one you see above and the one you see below for very specific reasons.

We’ll start with the top image.

“The future of communicating with customers rests in engaging with them through every possible channel: phone, e-mail, chat, Web, and social networks. Customers are discussing a company’s products and brand in real time. Companies need to join the conversation.”

Someone needs to buy Marc Benioff a drink just for this quote alone. In so few words, it highlights so many important truths, especially given the number of companies that claim to have joined the customer-centric turn that business has taken, but still resist actually communicating with their customers. There are so many channels of communication that exist to connect us with our base, but rather than embracing them as an opportunity for growth, many businesses actively resist them. This is particularly true for the phone and social media, channels that too many businesses (wrongly) view as either too complicated or unnecessary, despite the fact that the numbers say otherwise. “Every possible channel” means every possible channel. And with mobile search set to generate 73 billion calls to businesses in 2018, no industry can afford to ignore this opportunity to connect with their customers.

Now for the bottom image, below:

salesforce ifbyphone customer service

It seems like such a simple thing. Providing consistently amazing customer service is the best gift you can give, right? Yes, so why do so many businesses treat it as an option and not a necessity? This mindset is often due to the idea that call centers have to be expensive and complicated to manage, but that is an outdated mode of thinking. With the increasing sophistication of call management tools that are available to businesses of all sizes, companies who don’t implement them are running out of excuses.

Look at companies like Zappos, for example, whose customer service is not only exemplary but legendary. Of Zappos, The Guardian writes:

“At Zappos, customer service is how they market the brand. Zappos takes most of the money it could spend on advertising and invests it in customer service. Treat people amazingly well and they’ll tell their friends. Zappos lets it customers do the marketing. Hsieh writes: ‘The telephone is one of the best branding devices out there.’ Rather than urging customer service staff to take as many calls as quickly as possible, there are no quotas and the longer the call the better.

Now that is something worth talking about. That is the kind of approach to customer service that sets some businesses ahead…and others behind. And that is inspirational.

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