In business today there is an emphasis on leveraging big data analytics in order to improve customer service. There is much to derive about consumer behavior and market trends that can all be found in the stacks of incoming data received by customer service industries such as contact centers, for example. So, how is open source software relevant to the customer service industry?  As of late, many organizations are opting for open source solutions, rather than proprietary software, to augment customer service data analysis.

Recently, HP developed Haven Predictive Analysis which uses the Distributed R open source project– based on the original R language. Incorporating open source into the organization’s newest data management system boasts the scale to which open source additions are entering even proprietary creations. HP’s predictive analysis tool offers business leaders in the customer service industry actionable data that once put into action and deciphered by analysts-will better illustrate customer trends, behavior and preferences.

Besides HP’s break-out contribution to leveraging big data, let’s look into a few more open source CRM tools poised to improve business intelligence in the future:

  • Sugar: This open source contribution from SugarCRM allows customer service businesses to function with higher efficiency. The technology offers assistance in tracking leads, contract management, reporting and sales-force automation, as well as other advantageous marketing tools.
  • Zurmo: Creative innovation shines through in this particular open source CRM platform. This software provides businesses with similar functions as Sugar, but set up in a game format. Each time Zurmo tools are deployed the user receives positive reinforcement, making it a beneficial and fun addition to individuals in the customer service industry.

As we forge ahead into the future of business intelligence and big data management, organizations are sure to find the benefits of adopting open source CRM tools in favor of inflexible proprietary software. Interested in using open source CRM in your own business? Make sure you look into the do’s and don’ts of open source license compliance before you begin.