Trying to make a quick buck is just that, trying to make a quick buck. You can amp things up with free customer support initiatives, but it might not have the lasting impact your business needs. Instead of thinking about treating customers well as something businesses have to do, think about it as a long-term investment. Like numerous other types of investments, the payout does not happen the next day or the next week. It takes some time for customer service to drive ROI.

Almost every business owner knows that help desk software can help make customer support initiatives more effective. However, small things can go a long way. Online custom support software is only one tool that allows customer service representatives to do their jobs. A great example is a business owner who won the undying admiration of a chatty and influential customer. She just happens to be my wife.

How My Wife Sent Throngs of New Customers to the Local Tailor

Almost nothing is as irritating as a stuck zipper. One day, my wife went to the local tailor to replace a stuck zipper on her coat. He told her that the repair would cost $22, and the zipper would need to be replaced entirely. She agreed to the price, and did not think much of it.

He called her a few days later to tell her that her coat was ready to be picked up, and the zipper worked perfectly. When she arrived, he told her that the repair was not as difficult as he originally thought. He was able to repair the existing zipper without having to replace it. He could have stuck to the original price of $22, but he only charged her $8. She would have been fine with the $22 bill. However, she was thrilled with the $8 bill, and to this day she continues to tell this story about the upstanding local tailor.

Would You Pay $14 for Dozens of New Customers?

This is word of mouth marketing at its best. Other community members were interested by her great experience. Additionally, she loves telling the story to her large circle of friends. Some of her friends who had already been to the tailor were reminded to go back, and a number of her friends became new customers. It wasn’t the $14 discount that mattered so much. It was the fact that the business owner really cared about his customers and showed it through his honesty. The discount was a gesture that showed he truly cared.

ROI Strategy That Can Make or Break Small Businesses

Understandably, customers want to work with a business that cares about their needs. Help desk software like Cayzu can help employees address customer concerns promptly. However, investing in customer service goes beyond investing in the tools that make it viable. Even a small business with a tight budget can invest in customer support initiatives by doing the right thing. The tailor could have replaced the zipper and gotten an extra $14. Instead, he got returns from repairs that likely totaled 10 times that much in the following months. Like other investment strategies, customer refunds can be a bit of a gamble that can pay off later on many times over.