Customer Service Fact #1

There are many “facts” in business and countless quotes and statistics are tallied-up each year. Two staple examples are “The customer is always right” and “It’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one”. These are certainly true. But for me, this is…

Customer Service Fact #1

I realize that my paycheck comes from the customers who buy my product or service. Without them, there is no business.

This is customer service fact #1. Learn it, believe it, and appreciate it.

Too many times we forget this simple fact. The “boss” doesn’t pay us, the customer does. The boss just passes us a portion of the money that’s spent by our customers. He signs our paycheck, yes, but it’s drawn on the “bank of the customer”.

Customer Service Plan – What We Must Not Do

We must never be too busy to deal with a customer, too tired to patiently address their concerns, or so pompous that we try to dazzle a customer with the latest industry jargon or specifications just to show how brilliant we are while thinking it will lead to increased sales. All this does is alienate us against the very person we’re indebted to.

As mentioned by, “Great businesses see service not as a cost, but as a sales opportunity.”

Unless you’re the only game in town, service will always be a major differentiator for most customers. Many will gladly pay a premium for quality, convenience, availability, attention to detail, and anticipatory service. These are the foundations of great businesses. When paired with the customer-first mindset of “who pays for the business”, they are unstoppable. Face it, this is reality.

Keeping this customer service fact #1 in mind each day keeps us centered on our mission to serve.

Without the customer, we may as well just sit home and read a fairy tale book because that’s the closest some will get to the “customer reality”.