At Parature, it’s our pleasure to showcase our customers and their dedication to providing exceptional customer service. Doing this at scale is, which delivers answers to more than 100 million users every month.

Leading the customer service charge for is Global Customer Care Manager, Eric McKirdy, and to Parature, he’s a true customer service champion. Like most customer care managers, his job doesn’t go from 9 to 5. He is routinely found helping users at all hours of the day and night, on weekends and holidays, whenever someone needs help. When you talk about above and beyond customer service, Eric has even responded to support tickets while rehearsing on the pipe organ in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, at 38,000′ on commercial flights, below sea level in Death Valley – even at the top of the Empire State Building. (Watch Eric’s Christmas Day customer service story.)

Eric believes that people are at the heart of customer service. He treats each person as an individual, and makes every user feel like the most important person at that moment, providing that personal touch for that is sometimes missing from the customer service experience at other large companies. His name and picture are even front and center on’s support portal. How many customer service executives make even their self-service offering personal?

This personal touch and dedication to customer service has been paying off for By applying best practices to’s self-service knowledgebase and writing articles and answers in a friendly, accessible voice, has seen its knowledgebase pageviews rise from 500 to 2500 a day, a 60% reduction in the number of support tickets submitted, and because of the reduced support requests, response times for those who do need a personalized response have gone from eight hours to just 1.5 on average.

Looking for a customer service champion? Parature’s answer is Watch for the next Parature Customer Service Champion video coming soon….