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As a small business owner, the only true way to generate profitable sales through your website traffic is to keep customers coming back to your website.

So, how do you make sure your customers repeatedly come back to your website? The answer is to build a customer retention strategy. You have to give customers a reason to keep visiting your website. There are many ways to promote these repeated visits.

In this post, you’ll learn effective, tried-and-tested strategies you can use to keep your website visitors coming back for more and how to reduce customer churn. Below, you’ll find different methods for online customer retention; however, they all may not be to your liking. For this reason, you should either try all of them or choose a few that best suit your operational style.

Add New Content

Your customers often come to your site because they are looking for solutions to their problem. Those who find you through search engines click through to your site because they believe that they will find the solutions there. You, therefore, should not disappoint them. It’s a good idea to keep adding website content geared towards solving every emerging challenge that your customers are facing. Keep on top the issues that garner the most interest by examining the blog pages that generate the most traffic for your website.

You can see this by going into your Google Analytics and looking at “Behaviour,” clicking “Site Content,” and clicking “Content Drilldown.”

This doesn’t mean you have to create entirely new content. It can simply mean updating old posts from years prior. A simple update to an already existing page will do the trick.

You might also want to use videos, infographics, and images that people share freely. You may also want to hire a freelancer to produce content for your website regularly.

At the end of the day, you will find out that not only do existing customers keep coming back for more, but there will be new visitors daily, attracted by your updated website.

Run Promotions and Contests on the Site

Most customers of small businesses like promotions and contests. If there is a promise to win anything, they will keep checking to see who has won, and if they too can win something.

Even when the prize is just a small one, you will be baffled at how it attracts lots of participants. If you look at some of the most successful companies in your niche, you will notice that they always have something up for grabs for their customers.

Sometimes, they do not even have to announce it because their online customers already know when they put it up.

One of the best ways to run promotions is by giving away vouchers. Anyone that wins these vouchers will shop for goods and services on your site at a discounted price. The fact that the vouchers will be used to shop on your website means that you will still gain as your sales soar.

Another good idea is to run a contest whereby the existing customers can refer new clients to your site through a special code or by sharing on social networks. You gain in two ways by using this method because other than keeping your customers on the company’s website, you get new ones as well.

Start a poll to find out their opinion

Have you ever wondered what you customers think about various aspects of your business? Sometimes, they will not think of contacting you through the normal contact form.

However, if they get an opportunity to participate in a poll about it, they will quickly jump in. You can ask them anything as long as it will keep them voting. Remember to put a time limit to the poll and let them know about the results as soon as the time expires.

As you can see, any online small business owner has a lot of options when it comes to keeping their customers coming back to the company’s website. You might also want to use your email list to announce when there is a post that they might be interested in.

Remember to be careful, though, with the methods you use. It will do more harm than good if customers feel offended by your approach.

To avoid such a situation, carry out a small survey about your customers just to understand what they like and what they do not like. Know as well the emotional triggers that can get them to follow you.

The bottom line is, you want your clients to feel that you are there for them and that you have their best interest at heart, even if you have to give away free website templates.