Repeat customers and customer relationships are essential to long-term success. One of the most effective marketing strategies is to create a customer retention plan by using psychology tactics. This does not mean that you should manipulate your customers, but rather you should learn about their behaviors and understand the reasons they make choices so that you can provide them with better products and services in a more effective manner.

Study Your Demographics


To be able to reach and engage your desired target demographics, you first must understand who they are, where they live and other behaviors. You cannot create effective marketing campaigns and content if you do not understand your clients. You should learn aspects such as their ages, if they live locally, which social media channels do they frequent, their annual income, their personal interests and many others. You can learn all of this information from your website and social media analytics. You will then be able to optimize your marketing strategies, retain clients and save money.

Be Online or Be Gone

It is absolutely essential to have an online presence today. It does not matter if you are a small business or that you are a brick-and-mortar business. If you do not have an online presence you will likely be out of business very soon. Even people who prefer to shop in a physical store will perform research online to learn about the products and items they wish to purchase. If your competition has a website and social media presence and you do not, your potential and current customers are likely to go to your competition because they cannot learn anything about your business and your goods.

Offline is Still Important

As with having an online presence, having an offline presence is still important. Using offline marketing is still an effective methodology for reaching specific audiences and for improving customer satisfaction. Offline advertising can help to create a stronger connection with your consumers, as well as to act as a support system for online interactions. If you host an event, social media and live streaming is a way to connect and engage a significantly larger audience rather than just the people who attend in person. Maintaining an online and offline presence is of critical importance. There are some customer relationship examples here. Both strategies are intertwined and dependent upon the other to a degree.

Get Their Attention

If your hope is to engage your customers to secure loyalty, which it should be, it is essential to develop creative ways to get their attention. You might consider providing free ebooks and white papers filled with information about your products and services or information that is valuable to them and their interests. You might also have a number of contests and giveaways throughout the year. And, you might involve them in your marketing campaigns such as by asking them to submit videos of themselves using your product.

Create a Connection


Creating a connection and building customer relationships is imperative today. You should consider reaching out to them on an emotional level such as by providing video testimonials about ways in which your customers’ lives have been positively impacted because of your brand or pieces about your community outreach programs and the ways in which you are changing lives for the better. If you can connect with your customers on an emotional level, you are significantly more likely to secure lifelong customers.

Use States of Emotion

In addition to emotion being a great way to create a connection, it is also a phenomenal way to improve engagement and conversions. Effective marketing psychology methodologies incorporate various states of emotion such as exclusivity, fear, uncertainty and doubt. These emotions elicit a state of urgency in consumers; therefore, they are far more likely to follow your call to action if you create campaigns and posts around these emotions.

Engagement is a Serious Matter

Another way to create loyalty and to increase sales conversions is to increase your engagement. The best way to do so is by developing engagement strategies that provide content that is valuable to your customers and audience. Content creation is worth investing in. You should focus on both written content and video content. Once you analyze your demographics, you will learn their interests. Sometimes, content creation is experimental; however, analytics can help you determine which content is most successful.


Another effective way to learn the behaviors of your clients and to determine which marketing strategies are working and which are not is by analyzing your analytics. Each social media channel and your website has the ability to record and monitor various sets of information such as the age and location of each visitor and the number of people who become engaged on a social media post or campaign push. By reviewing analytics, you can create more effective marketing strategies and campaigns and you can determine which product and service items are most popular and engaging with your target demographics.

Customer Conversions

You can increase customer conversions by using psychology, as well. One way is to make people feel like they are getting a good deal is to showcase a higher original price and a lower online or in-store price. Publish numbers and statistics about the number of people who visit your website everyday or the number of people who have won contests and the value of the prizes. People like to know that other people are interested in the same thing and if they see others have won contests, they will believe they have a chance to win and participate more frequently. Another effective methodology is to present that something is only available for a limited time or in limited quantity.



A retention plan for customers is essential to long-term sustainability and profitability. You make nearly all of your sales from repeat customers rather than new ones; therefore, you should work hard to make your existing customers happy. Analytics will help you determine their interests so that you can provide products and services they actually want. Beacon marketing can help you create customized special offers based on their browsing and spending habits. And, be sure to ask for feedback and value their feedback so they know you are listening. Make them feel as though they are important and make them a part of the experience and you will have a customer for life.

At the end of the day, building a strong relationship with your customers is the way you are going to stay in business. Appeal to their psyche as part of your customer retention plan and you will be successful.