By now everyone should have his or her customer journey mapped out pretty well for their business. It essential illustrates the steps your customers go through in engaging with your company, whether it is a product, an online experience, retail experience, or a service, or any combination. It is critical to know of these steps (or touch points) both from an external perspective and an internal perspective.

Each touch point (social media, in store, online, advertising/marketing, customer support, sales team, etc.) is not just an opportunity but THE opportunity you need to capitalize on in order to achieve an end goal of customer success. These moments need to set you apart from your competition. This is not a one and done solution either. Each interaction with your customer is different and you need constant improvement to adapt with a growing customer base. Since you are focusing on every opportunity you touch with your customer you will know where you excel as well as the pain point in your process. This will allow you to make these put a plan in place to ease the pain points.

Steps to Optimize your Customer Journey:

  • Look at all the ways your customers touch your company . . . not just the easy ones.

With the innovation of technology and the speed of which business is done there are a number of touch points associated with your customer experience. This makes for a complex process. It is important to improve on each touch point because an issue encountered at any one of these points can dramatically influence the overall experience.

A couple of examples of Customer Experience:

  • Social
  • Community Involvement / Word of Mouth
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Website
  • Branding
  • Product Packaging
  • Sales Staff
  • Point of Sale / Buying Process
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • User Guides
  • Customer Support
  • Critically review the customer-friendliness of your processes.

What tools are you using to measure your customers experience? Develop a system to measure your success.

  • Adapt customer centric themes throughout your business.

Getting your employees to buy into your system will ensure quality customer service throughout each step of your customer journey. Without your employees sharing your mindset your customer journey will be broken.

Once you optimize your customer journey for customer success, customer loyalty is sure to follow. Customers recognize when a company focuses on these moments and shows that they care about their customer’s success. These steps and moments are referred to as customer experience.

Capitalizing on Customer Experience

Whether you own a small business or manage a part of customer experience in a large organization, your main concern is how your customers perceive your business. Surprisingly, for many companies, consistency seems to be an afterthought. Companies that break the mold are considered innovative when they are simply putting the customer first. They just focus on the customer throughout the entire organization. From the CEO to the front-line people, even the back-end people think about the customer before they act in their capacity.

Companies that have figured out how to offer an amazing customer experience supply:

  • A plan to deliver “wow” customer experiences.
  • Employees that think for themselves
  • A customer support team to act to what customers want based on customer needs.

By empowering your employees to act based on what the customer wants and by training them to have the mindset to deliver “wow” customer experiences ensures your are optimizing every touch point you have with your customer.

Today customers will take any chance they get to voice their opinion on companies whether it is a good opinion or a bad one. So continuing to focus on the customer experience throughout their journey is sure to win the customer over and move them from a customer success story to customer loyalty story.