Customer service is what defines any business. It is a unique quality that varies from business to business, ultimately determining what it is that makes them special to the customer.

Thus, it is indisputable that any brand or organization must take their on-going relationship with the customer seriously.

Customer service skills building

In order to understand this, the knowledge that customers don’t just walk away with a product but need to walk away with the confidence that they made the right choice doing business with you is something that must be taken to heart. The question is: How do you make the customer feel good about their relationship with your business?

How well are you treating your customers?

The answer lies within not only how you treat them but how they interact with you and others concerning your business. This can be done by giving them a good story to share with their friends. What do they say about you? Did they have confidence in their choice?

To achieve this, you must add substance to their experience/encounter with your business. Was it unique? Was there a quality that can’t be found elsewhere? The thing about customer service is that the basics can often be achieved by a machine that uses an “if/then” solution program. You ask; they tell. It’s simple and easy to achieve, but lacks the quality that defines good customer service. It isn’t just about answering a question. It’s about interacting with the customer on a personal level.

Build customer relationships by relating to your customers

Ask yourself if you can relate to them. Have you ever put yourself in their shoes? When was the last time you called your customer services? Was there something missing? It might have been as simple as some personal dialogue, or it could have been something as extreme as losing their temper. Consider what qualities you would look for in your conversation and focus on delivering that through your business’s customer service conversations.

5 Things to Say to Make Your Customers Feel Good

Of course, the subtle elements that can make a big difference in your customer relation interactions are always there. Some simple phrases, though short, often deliver a powerful message that the customer interprets as vital to confirming a quality choice.

1. “Thank you.”

This is the most basic and practical approach that never ages. Appreciation is a concept that always makes people feel good about associating themselves with you because you understand their value. When you show them that they have value, it resides within their minds, ensuring that they not only made the right choice but that you are grateful they did so.

2. “What is most convenient for you?”

This simple phrase shows the audience that they are really important. While every customer is important, this particular individual is shown that, right now, they are the epitome of importance. When you show that the business is willing to make time for them, they understand that they are an essential element to your success.

3. “Allow me to correct our mistake.”

This is a statement that takes the blame away from the customer and lets them know you’re trustworthy and are focused on doing what’s best for them, and not just the business (even though at the end of the day it is also best for the business).

Inevitably customers will sometimes have issues with merchandise and services, but if they are going to be satisfied with their choice, they have to feel confident that they’ve made the right choice. When you are willing to accept openly that a mistake has been made – and work to find the solution – the customer realizes that you not only provide what they purchased, but deliver a service that is up with the best in the industry.

4. “I’m not sure, but I’ll find out.”

This displays confidence in yourself and your business. One of the most disturbing comments that any customer can receive is when their contact for answers results in an “I don’t know” reply.

While you may not have the answer, there is undoubtedly someone who does. It is essential that you display your resolve to find an answer to the customer’s query. This reflects your determination and the commitment of your business to go the extra mile for the customer.

5. “How is everything going?”

This is the classic follow-up question. Not every problem is resolved right away, which is an important fact to remember. Customers may hint at previous issues. By simply following up with them, it assures you that the issue is not only resolved but that they also feel confident in your awareness.

Customer relationships are an ongoing matter. As long as you can make their experience something unique that only you can deliver, you will ensure that your customer knows that they had made the right decision when they chose to do business with you.