No company, big or small, can run without customers. Customer satisfaction has always been a key parameter to judge the relevance and success of any product or solution. But, in order to know which particular features of a service are working for consumers, and which are not, collecting detailed and honest customer feedback is of paramount importance.

However, there is a catch here! Companies need to collect customer feedback at the right time in order to get transparent and true results. Companies and businesses should analyze and figure out the best time to have customer feedback surveys, on the basis of what the product or service is.

The Best Time to Get More Feedback From Customers

Depending on the product and service provided by a company, the best timings for getting customer feedback surveys to keep on changing. Following are the different times when a company should get customer feedback for maximum insights possible:

Immediately After A Purchase: In the case of some products and services, it is best for companies to get customer feedback right after a customer is done with the purchase or service. For instance, in the case of a retail garment shop, where the customer has tried on apparel, judged its fabric and fit, and then bought it as well, customers can be asked for feedback immediately. This is also true in the case of online websites or apps that act as a ‘middle service’ between the customer and the actual product. Food delivery websites where valets bring customers their order is an apt example. A customer feedback software will simply send a link on multiple channels to the customers so that they can record their feedback.

A Few Weeks After Purchase: In some cases, it is ideal to wait for a few days or weeks before getting more feedback from customers. Customers need some time to access the service, use it, and experience it fully, so as to have an opinion of it. This is true in the case of e-commerce services and websites. Instant feedback does not make any sense in such scenarios. It takes time for an order to be delivered to the customer. After a few days or weeks of usage, companies can send automated emails to the customers with the help of customer feedback software asking for honest and insightful feedback on their product.

Before and After Introducing Changes and Updates: Bringing in changes and updates in a company’s product or a solution is an integral part of its development. It is a good idea to use customer feedback surveys before implementing the changes so as to understand their opinions of a particular product. Moreover, this will also help the business to take into account the needs and requirements of its customers. The same should be done after introducing any update. Asking for customers’ opinions through surveys can make them feel valuable and involved with a particular company, thus winning their trust and credibility.

Post Campaigns: Companies often run campaigns in order to stay relevant to their products and solutions. Moreover, campaigns are a smart way for companies to market and promote themselves and lure in more customers. It is a good idea to get valuable customer feedback right after the end of a marketing campaign. This way, companies can learn what their consumers think of their products, accessibility, and relatability. In fact, big companies that run nationwide campaigns can use the customer feedback app that allows customers to give feedback in their own languages. This can widen the customer base of a company and make its products and solutions accessible to people across geographies, cultures, and languages.

When Customers Stop Using a Product Or A Service: Most companies hardly consider this as an option, but one of the best times to get feedback from customers is when they stop using a product or a service. With the help of a customer feedback app, which provides dynamic surveys and questionnaires for customers, companies can get meaningful insights about what did not work for the customers. They can then work on these gaps, and improve the features and performance significantly.


Customer feedback can thus change the game for any company. However, it is important to consider the most feasible and best time to get valuable and honest feedback. With the help of feedback apps, companies can gather data and analytics about customer satisfaction from multiple locations and on multiple channels. With integrated digital customer feedback, resolving key issues will be a cakewalk for companies.