A new class of technology enables companies to communicate with their customers through the channel of their choice, at a time that’s convenient for them. This Customer Engagement technology has been defined by Paul Greenberg (considered the godfather of CRM) as “the ongoing interactions between a customer and the company, offered by the company, chosen by the customer. Shifting the emphasis of relationship control from companies to their customers.

Using Customer Engagement technology, companies can automate operational, promotional and other messaging. The key to success is enabling customers to respond to the messages they receive through the same channel. This way, companies can set customers’ expectations and allow them to adjust these, making their own choices in response. The result? Products and services that exceed expectations and create a better Customer Experience.

 Delivering on Customer Expectations

There’s nothing better at Christmas than seeing the delight on your loved ones faces when they open the gifts you’ve so carefully chosen for them. With delivery volumes increasing by as much as 15% during the holiday season, it’s crucial for retailers and carriers to ensure that parcels are received when expected, in order to deliver on the brand promise.

DPD delivers parcels for some of the UK’s best known brands. In order to ensure that they set and meet customer expectations for delivery, DPD implemented Customer Engagement software that allows the business to proactively communicate with consumers regarding their parcel delivery. An initial text message informs customers the date on which to expect their delivery. On that day, another text is sent advising customers of a one-hour delivery window, giving them the option to reply to the text and request that the delivery be made at a different time. Customers can also request that parcels be left with a neighbour in their absence, or track their delivery driver’s expected arrival time to within a fifteen-minute window. Finally, a confirmation text advising of the revised delivery time or successful delivery to the neighbour is sent, giving customers total peace of mind.

Not only do customers report a very high level of satisfaction with the service, over 20% selected the option to leave a parcel with a neighbour, indicating a real desire and need for the service.

For DPD this has been a huge win. The service has seen a reduction in the number of delivery attempts needed for items and a drop in calling cards left to inform customers of missed deliveries. Customer satisfaction and brand recognition have improved, and the solution paid for itself within the first three months after it was deployed.

Over the next month, we be examining Customer Engagement in more detail as well as how you can exceed customer expectations by focusing on three key areas:

  • Giving customers a choice of channel
  • Requesting feedback at all customer touchpoints
  • Taking action in real-time

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