Customer ServiceI know this phrase really states the obvious, but the truth is those companies that make their processes easier will be the companies that make it in today’s fast-paced, convenience world.

The first thought that comes to mind is my cable bill. I just want to purchase 25 channels and access to a DVR. Right now this type of want is literally a dream. I am told I must have 300 channels, bundle with it phone and internet and then I will see more package savings. I don’t want package savings. I want a small number of channels and the ability to watch programs that fit my schedule.

Look at retail stores.. I would like to see a self-check line in all retail outlets. Wouldn’t that be nice at a place like Kohl’s or Barnes and Noble? I believe these places would actually have increased sales.

I am looking at applying these same principles to our website. Right now our website has too much information and it isn’t easy to access. The only areas that are easy to access are the new account forms and contact us page on my company website. Ironically, these two pages get a lot of traffic and response that is easy to measure and actually helps us connect closer with our clients.

I believe “process thinking” is the new way to measure the website client experience. Getting people to a company website is critical, but once people come to your website, where do they go? Many companies ignore this factor or they look at page views and see which pages of content are accessed the most. This is good, but if you can get people to provide you with their information regarding opening an account or asking a question, this is where you know your company is making progress.

I see a whole new trend in closer monitoring of website traffic and finding ways to follow-up with these clients. I use HubSpot and have found it to be a very supportive service in tracking visitors to our company website. Now, the goal is to make it easy to complete the deal.

My goal in 2016 is to identify those areas which could be improved or redesigned. Next step is to make sure the return from the process is substantial, (80% or more). Incremental changes is not the goal here. This type of process change should be on the radical side if it is going to make a difference. Finally, think like a customer. Constantly put yourself in your customer’s position when testing out your process to ensure the process is simple in their eyes. Consider asking some of your customers to test out their ideas.

photo credit: Day 098/366 – Going nowhere fast via photopin (license)