The other day I heard some people complaining about poor customer service. Each shared their complaints about a past shopping trip that irked them enough to commit the story to memory (those are the worst kinds).

One person complained that the store’s workers spent too much time talking to each other and seemed to not care that she was waiting in line. This upset her so much that she walked out of the store. Talk about “customer care”, huh?

So, I started to think of a few actions that good, service-minded employees would never do.

Do you think that when some star baseball player is in the batting cage, he’s talking to the catcher about the vacation of a lifetime he just returned from? Do you think that when that lead guitarist from the big rock band is on stage, he would lean over to his bandmate to tell him all about the new car he just bought? Do you think that the actor on stage at the award show will pull out her cell phone and show the audience photos of her new puppy while at the same time accepting her award? I don’t think so.

So why do some employees do these very same things while working and in view of customers? I’ll never understand it. Customers don’t care about our needs or our problems. They only care about their needs. And who can blame them? They have their own problems too.

What the Customer Needs

When a customer shops, they long for a pleasant experience to find a desired item or purchase supplies to support their family’s needs. It’s understandable that they may get impatient if their requests for assistance are delayed or they feel overlooked and underappreciated.

The very least we can do is pay attention to the customer from the moment they enter our business to the time they leave. If not, some other business will be more than happy to pay attention to them – and collect their money too!