Advancements in technology create new opportunities to improve consumer experience and engagement. New strategies incorporating technology to the in-store environment build positive brand perception, improve customer service and ultimately, increase sales.

Digital Scratch & WinHere are 7 ways retailers will be using technology to provide a top notch in-store experience in 2014:

Digital signage

Digital signs allow retailers to deliver video content, advertisements, or targeted messages to specific locations and consumers at controlled times.

Interactive tablet kiosks

Due to the widespread adoption of tablets, consumers are becoming more familiar with using them, which creates an opportunity for retailers.  Tablet kiosks can be used for surveys, digital product catalogues, store stock checking, or interactive gaming experiences and more.

Location based services

Location services such as geo-fencing can be built into apps to directly alert mobile users that have the app downloaded on their smartphone. Near Field Communication and Apple’s new iBeacon technology will also greatly improve how retailers are reaching consumers through mobile content while on location in the coming year.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality creates a unique consumer mobile experience by providing a live view of a real-world environment supplemented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, and graphics.

Mobile POS devices to check customers out anywhere in the store

Mobile POS devices are a great customer service tool.  While being checked out by a sales associate while shopping, this saves the customer from needing to stand in a line-up. 

Mobile Payments

While increasing the speed of checking customers out, mobile payments creates opportunities to track customers trends and inventory, as well as integrate incentive programs.

Mobile Loyalty programs

Consumers carry their phone everywhere they go!  Offering a loyalty program for their mobile phone will ensure they have their “loyalty card” with them at all times.


As technology is becoming a key part of customer service, creating an innovative environment for customers is crucial in 2014. With many options available at varying price points, every business owner and marketer can be confident they will find a solution that matches their digital initiatives.

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