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When it comes to your website, there are many things you need to do to keep it relevant and thriving. You have already launched a great website, and maybe you have even seen significant spikes in traffic. But are these visitors converting into loyal customers? If not, what gives?

You want your website traffic metrics high, but more importantly, we want these same people coming back for more. Nowadays, it’s just not enough to get loads of customers. Loyalty is key. However, this isn’t an easy task. Building true brand loyalty takes time and starts with being able to convert new visitors into loyal customers.

To help you do that, we’ve picked seven simple steps to help turn your visitors into loyal customers.


You got them to type your URL in and search your website, which is a significant step, so you wouldn’t want to lose them due to a lacklustre landing page. Landing pages are designed to convince visitors to stay, browse, and even better, buy something. People will judge your website by its landing page. So what elements do you need to create a remarkable landing page?

  • Eye-catching design
  • Catchy headline
  • Clear CTA
  • Lead Magnet

These elements are essential for success, and it makes sense as your landing page is the first thing they see. We want them to click within, not out! There are several tools available out there that help you to optimize your landing pages. Let us help you with the perfect landing page that will lead to success.


I cannot recall the last time I didn’t read a handful of reviews of loyal customers before buying a new product. Happy customers become your personal ambassadors. Yes, of course, we have to take these with a grain of salt for many reasons, but it still is a powerful tool for creating more sales.

Social proof is a great way to give many new and loyal customers peace of mind and build trust. Testimonials, endorsements, and even reviews are all types of social proof. Here are some great ways to leverage social commerce you have. You can spend your time and money showing the benefits of your product, but it’s been demonstrated that reviews are 12 times more trusted than your own descriptions. That’s a LOT.

Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials—they add trustworthiness and worth to your business. The social proof is in the pudding!


This one may seem obvious, but it’s a must! You want to make sure you ask your users to call, email, or move forward with making a purchase online. A solid call to action is one of the best ways to convert customers as it gives them simple click access to purchase the products or services they need. To get your visitors to take this action, you need a compelling message. Now you’re wondering, well, what’s that compelling message?

Try staying away from “Sign Up” and focus on more enticing and straightforward phrases like “Download Now,” “Try This,” or Join Us.” The right call to action can be all the difference between having content that your visitors only read versus content that is acted on.


Have you ever met someone that enjoys a slow website? Yeah… I thought so. Again, you got a potential loyal customer to click on your website, so you need this to run as smoothly as peanut butter.

To really understand anything, you need to spend time with it. This includes your website. You need to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s best for your business and customers. You can preview and test your website on our platform and also have access to your site analytics. These analytics will help you set benchmarks and goals for how you care to measure your success.

Ultimately, make sure your website loads quickly and adequately. Can you recall the last time a website didn’t or quickly or at all? You simply clicked away. This also can come off as unprofessional and will build doubts about your company’s abilities. We’re building loyal customers, not losing customers, so we highly recommend investing in your website speed and performance.

convert visitors, convert customers, loyal customers, convert traffic, visitors to customers, traffic to customers, increase conversion, small business tips, small business, business tips


We now have our customers on your site. Woohoo! Now we need to get their contact information to communicate to them as a future lead. This simply can be an email list to inform your customers of updates, promotions and deals.

When it comes to leads, every customer is different – some like emailing, others prefer calls, and nowadays, there are even people that prefer texts. And they are all just as valuable as the other. You just need their info! That’s why you need to make your form as simple as possible, and if you can, have a small contact form on each page of your site.

It’s not always guaranteed that you will get a sale the first time someone visits your site, but the chances are higher if you email them a discount code for their first purchase.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Reward your customers. People want to be cared about. When your brand rewards customers for their loyalty, they feel heard, and in return, show more commitment. This becomes stronger and stronger every time a customer redeems a reward.

This might seem obvious, but if you’re looking to build customer loyalty, rewards programs are the best way. That’s because they ensure your customers are satisfied that your brand provides real value with every purchase.


Treat each and every customer as number one. This doesn’t matter how you connect with them, whether it’s email, live chat, or (dare I say it?) a phone call, these are all possible loyal customers, and all deserve your time.

Customer service is so essential in converting customers. Who wouldn’t want to continue shopping with a company that values and cares for you? Consistent and personalized communication goes a long way. Live chat allows you to instantly engage visitors with messaging directly relevant to the content that’s in front of them. In fact, live chat can increase website conversions by 45% because it’s more instant than instant coffee.

And remember! We have a Live Chat feature ready for you to integrate on your website directly on our platform.


So, how do we get those loyal customers? It’s not just one thing, but you can quickly start taking some of these significant steps today to gain those loyal customers. Your brand is more than just the products you sell, and content is a massive part of that. Sharing original content provides additional value to your customer experience that turns your brand into more than just a product.