We’ve all heard this from one person or another, COMMUNICATION IS KEY, in any relationship. In these times of confusion and uncertainty, it is so important to communicate what is going on with your business, to your customers. In fact, the best thing companies can do is communicate to their customers by using clear, timely, and compassionate messages. Whether you serve consumers or other businesses, your customers need to know how your company is being impacted by this situation. Your customers want and need to hear from you.

As a marketer, you already know it’s essential to maintain and build relationships with customers. Now, you need to guarantee that your customer relationships outlast Coronavirus. We have prepared a few key tips on how to best communicate with your customers.


Realize that with an economic shift, everyone is affected by the pandemic. Your company can’t be silent. Be aware that communication needs to be clear and be human. Being human means to have heart and be genuine. They know you are going through things too. We all are. This is a good time to be able to connect with them on a mutual level.


Fear is not the way to go. Do not let the pandemic sink your company and customer culture. Be a leader, and let your customers know we are in this together and we will get through this. Take ownership. Be ready for the future. Let them know in your messaging by showing them you are willing to go beyond what you need to do for their benefit. Demonstrate what will happen next if you have a plan of reopening in the future, if you are shifting to e-commerce only or if not opening yet what the next steps are.


Although every business is feeling the pressure, to be timely, effective, and have their next plan communicated, don’t forget about the heart of your company – your values. Let your customers know that your values will continue. They need to hear that right now. This defines the reason they choose your business over others. Recommunicate and elaborate on the reminder of your company’s backbone, pride point, value, point of sale. You are doing this all for them, in the goodness of your heart. There has never been more of a time to remind them of that like there is now.


Remember, your job right now is to keep your customers informed and as calm as possible. If you are not clear, you will create confusion, which will only lead to more stress and may leave them trusting you less. Let them know what steps you have decided to take and what it means for them as the consumer, as clear as possible. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, “what would I want to know as the consumer on ‘what’s next’”.


Continue using the platforms you have been using. Your customers are already there. Do add in extra communication pieces on all platforms, letting your customers know that you hear them, their concern, that you are in this together, and what the next steps are. Add a few pathos messages in social and email. Post banner messages to your webpage. Get effective where you know they will be.


To keep your customer loyalty and trust, connect with them immediately. Let them know your status, keep updating them and plan for the future with them in mind. Think thoughtfully and creatively with your messaging. Do not panic. Continue messaging everywhere you already do, because that’s where they already are – website, email, social, etc. Do this as soon as you can. Don’t wait to let them know you are reopening the day before you open your doors. Plan accordingly – ahead and ASAP. Remember, you want to nurture trust and loyalty. Remember, the more you communicate, the better off you are your customers relationship will be.