client relationship managementIn some professions, it is discouraged to get attached to your patient/client/business relationships. In Marketing and Advertising, however, I would encourage the opposite. A good client relationship management strategy is crucial to maintaining not only a healthy balance for your ROI but also for your professional relationships.

The line can be blurry when it comes to how close and how much is too close.There is such a thing as too much in client relationship management– but hopefully this guide can help you navigate the professional relationship waters to ensure smooth sailing:

1. Communication
Like any other kind of relationship, communication is a fundamental building block to a healthy and long-lasting business partnership. This can come in the form of an e-mail, phone call, newsletter, or better yet, face-to-face. Just keep it flowing and keep the conversation open.

2. Trust
It is important that your clients not only know that you will deliver on your promises, but that you are also the best at what you do. Reinforcing this trust isn’t always easy but can be done by way of blogging, e-newsletters highlighting recent accomplishments, and even maintaining a current, trendy website.

3. Personal
We all get a lot of spam mail in our inbox and the last thing we need (or look forward to) is another impersonal message blasted to a general e-mail list. Alternately, consider personalizing your messages to your clients – addressing them by name and mentioning a specific memory or topics previously discussed to show you care.

4. Time
Like most other things in life, building successful client relationships can sometimes take time. Some people’s shells are harder to penetrate than others. Just be patient, consistent, and in most cases, the client will eventually come around.

5. Integrity
This comes in the form of always delivering on your promises. Things happen that you may not have anticipated – like being unable to make a deadline, but keeping communication open and being honest about expectations will keep you in the clear 9 times out of 10.

How do you keep your client relationship management in healthy balance?