Generally speaking Marketing is summarized as actions that are taken to generate demand for a product or service. Without Marketing many products or services would not succeed and often times go un-noticed. In some cases, Marketing can be the sole reason why a business fails or why a business is prosperous. It is the why you convey your message to the customer and how they react to it. Ultimately you want the customer to use your product or service whenever their wants or needs require satisfaction.

Everyone has habits that are either done consciously or sub- consciously, especially when it comes to the purchasing process. However with advancing technology new habits are replacing old ones. For example the creation of the smart phone replaces the need to go to a PC to browse the web or buy something online. The goal for any marketer should be to change the customer’s habits when it comes to the niche you are working with.

Every business is different and the approach for habit-changing is unique for every case. For example the whole, check-in phenomenon, is a staple for many businesses and offers loads of information about its patrons. Before you were not able to check-in somewhere and let your friends know. Your market strategy should focus on how your product or service will become a habit for the customer.

There is always opportunity when it comes to marketing and creativity is a big player in that. Think of the whole customer purchase process and daily routine for the customer. Figure out where you can fit your product or service in that time-frame that can become a regular activity. Why do you think coffee is a successful product, because it is addicting. Customers have a habit of drinking coffee every morning, it is their routine. Once you can map-out your target demographics timeline you will better understand their lifestyle and will be better suited to create a more in-depth marketing strategy.