Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

It feels good to celebrate. It means that something was accomplished, or that there’s something worthy of being recognized. Whether it be a birthday, an anniversary, or new promotion, communicating achievements makes people feel important. But what about the world of CX? Is it possible that celebrations can produce measurable business revenue and results?

Getting down to the nitty gritty, before celebrations often comes a lot of hard work. For CX teams and businesses looking to boost ROI, it is important to remember that making customers feel good about a product or service is more than half of the battle. Customers are essential to business success, and when they feel that appreciation, it can and has been proven to lead to customer loyalty.

Remember Who Fuels the Flame

Not only is it important to focus on the customer’s experiences, but that of the employee as well. Employees are absolutely a key component to success. As those on the forefront, employees are responsible for the way that consumers view a company. Since they are the face associated with the company, a lot of responsibility is placed before them. Working hard, upholding company values, and offering great service are just some of the many things people face day-to-day in their workplace.

In terms of revenue, employees don’t just affect sales, but also the fluctuation of money internally in the company as well. A study conducted by the Dale Carnegie Training Center found that every year employee turnover cost companies in the U.S. about $11 billion, supporting the claim that it is cheaper to train an employee who will keep their job, rather than investing money into training that never proves to be fruitful. But when a company invests into an employee’s future they not only build loyalty, but loyalty from consumers as well. Building a strong staff means building a future for the company that leaves things in capable hands years to come. Customers notice and appreciate the proper care of real individuals like themselves, working class and consumers alike.

Maintaining Loyalty in Every Touchpoint

Taking the time to show your employees appreciation and celebrate business milestones together solidifies the relationship between employees and the industry in which they serve. Recognizing things they do to drive success is a great way to not only show the importance of efforts and hard work but to also fuel fire to the flame. It’s like getting your energy up before a big game, the more passion, the better.

In order to maintain employees and keep the turnover rate low, there are components to the employee experience that increase the likelihood of staying. One of which is the celebration that follows hard work. For both the employee and the customer, it is essential to celebrate the people who have brought the company where it is today. Ensuring the continuation of business success, loyalty, and a positive public image.

It’s Time to Party

Thinking back to my elementary school days, for years I used to always look forward to the first week that the best pool in the city would open. Not because I would go, since it was crowded and expensive, but because I knew I would get to go that first weekend for free, surrounded by delicious BBQ, shorter lines to the slides, and as many snow cones as a person would want. That’s because I knew that the insurance company that my parents used would throw this spectacular bash, reserving the pool for only their families, customers, and staff.

As an appreciation event, there were many causes for celebration. The leading agent recognized every family there for how long they had been customers, even giving a warm welcome to those who had joined more recently. What was special was almost every person (besides the newer ones, of course) had the opportunity to build a relationship with the head agent. He had taken the time to introduce himself, and his family to everyone. In my case, he had actually become really good friends with my parents. The agent’s daughters were my friends, and the overall feeling from the event was that he and the rest of the staff were genuine and cared about their customers.

The event also recognized every employee, and there were lots of prizes to be won. I can honestly say that although I was just a kid at the time of these parties when it first came time for me to get car insurance of my own, this company was the first place I wanted to give my business to.

CX Victories That are Worth Celebrating

Besides throwing an event, there are many simple and easy ways to celebrate those who fuel company profit. Showcasing customers or employees, involving them in future decisions by collecting feedback, or even having a special sale or coupon. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes investments must be made for the greater good.

Overall, when celebrating the people, the customers and employees who have brought you to this point, there is an opportunity for relationships to be cemented that and further loyalty and revenue.

The insurance company may not have guessed that their annual pool parties would make a lasting impression on me and form a future policyholder, but they did know that throwing the event would be a wonderful celebration for everyone involved. The genuine, positive intentions for those who had brought them to that point resulted in great return, in my case gaining them a new customer.

Even to this day, I know that if I walked into their office that they would treat me with the same consistent customer care as always. And a great customer experience from a company who recognizes that kind of importance is something always worth celebrating.