Folks southern kitchenAs some of our clients might know, I’m in the processing of moving from my home state of Kentucky down to Florida. While making three trips by car in the last two weeks isn’t the most fun experience, there has been a silver lining: Folks Southern Kitchen in Marietta, Georgia.

Tired and exhausted, my dad and I went down to the front desk of the Holiday Inn Express in Marietta, and asked for a quick-and-easy dinner recommendation. The clerk suggested Folks, and as soon as we walked in, we were sold!

High Quality Product & Experience

On the surface, Folks may seem a lot like Cracker Barrel (of which I’m a big fan). It serves down-home Southern cooking, has a charming country feel, and phenomenal customer service. As much as we like Cracker Barrel, Folks blew the Old Country Store and Restaurant out of the water.

Though the restaurant seems to have roughly the same amount of space as a Cracker Barrel, segmentation and carefully placed barriers break it up so that you can eat your meal without hearing the kids on the other side of the restaurant.

Also, Folks offers some great local touches, which appeal to longtime patrons as well as travelers like myself. Take their peach muffins, for instance. As a Georgia-based business, Folks does a great job capitalizing on “the Peach State” through these muffins; they’re incredibly moist and delicious with a local flair.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, customers love to have that local, personalized touch.

Low Prices

And who doesn’t love a deal? Folks is priced just a little lower than Cracker Barrel, which you certainly wouldn’t intuit, given their high quality product and store atmosphere. Also, anytime you have made-from-scratch recipes, fresh-prepared vegetables (not frozen), and homemade bread, “cheap” doesn’t come to mind. Somehow, Folks manages to make it work for their customers! (Interesting fact: Folks Southern Kitchen used to be Po Folks before re-branding in the ‘90s.)

Great Customer Service

Lastly, I really enjoyed Folks because of the terrific customer service. Our server was always there when we needed her, but didn’t unnecessarily pop in every three minutes!

Whether you’re running a restaurant or an online business, that learned ability to “be there” for your customers as much as possible without smothering them is essential. It’s one of those qualities that’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it!

The classic project management triangle says you can’t have good, fast, and cheap (you have to pick two). But, after my Folks experiences, I’m not entirely convinced. This restaurant seems to have found a happy medium between all three!

Have you ever been to a Folks? I’d love to hear about your experiences!