There was a time, not too long ago, that a majority of outbound marketing messages were mostly used on a company’s website. Of course, the sales and public relations teams needed to incorporate those messages into their activities, but that was their responsibility. Nowadays, marketers have to figure out how to manage so many outbound marketing channels and also make sure that all of these channels have the same look and feel. The explosive growth of different types of viewing devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops, has changed the game.

In my view, when I refer to the “game”, I’m talking about how companies establish and grow the relationships with their customers. To me the goal is to establish a long-term relationship with customers across all of a company’s communication channels, which means that marketing leaders need to deliver the right content at the right time through the right channels to the right people.

Here are five ways that marketers can improve their customer’s experience.

1) Adjust content for viewing on multiple devices.
2) Tailor messages and opportunities that fit my specific needs based on my purchasing history.
3) Make sure that the links on your website work. Having a customer click on a broken link is almost a guarantee that the customer won’t be returning.
4) Don’t try to compete on price alone. Offer customers tips for using your products as well as stories about how other customers are enjoying the product.
5) Outdated content, blog posts that are months old, and a Twitter feed that isn’t regularly checked and updated tells the customers that your company doesn’t care about them.

It is hard work to secure a new customer and even harder to make them a loyal brand ambassador. But it’s only takes a few missteps to lose that customer.