If you want your customers to keep buying from you, you need to pay attention to what they say. Also, if you want them to stay loyal to your business, you should solve their problems. Otherwise, they will go to your competitors. Therefore, in order to keep making money, you should listen to your customers. Below you can find some ways for this.

  • Social Media: You need to be present in all of the social media outlets that your customers are using. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. You need to track what your customers are saying about your brand and respond quickly, if there are any complaints. You can also take advantage of the tools which can automatically track your brand on social media platforms.
  • Customer Service: Perhaps one of the most important points of interaction with customers is the customer service. If you listen carefully and analyze the customer service data, you can understand what your customers care about, what problems they have and what you can do to correct those problems. In addition to these, you can better understand the demographics of your customers with the help of customer service data.
  • Surveys: One of the most traditional ways of collecting data from customers is the surveys. You can conduct surveys in multiple ways such as through phone, online or mail. Surveys can help you find out what your problems are and what you can do to increase your sales. Also, surveys show you what you are doing right and what you need to keep doing to retain your current customers. The downside of surveys is that people generally do not like making surveys and therefore, they try to avoid making surveys. However, by giving incentives such as discounts or free products, you can increase the survey participation and get more accurate results.
  • Focus Groups: Focus groups are a great way to collect ideas, experiences or opinions. Focus groups enable you to observe what your customers are talking to each other about your brand so you can find out new areas about your product that you haven’t considered before. Thanks to the internet, you can now do focus groups online via webinar platforms. Therefore, you can reach a wider geographic area with fewer costs. This also allows you to observe the cultural differences of your customers in different locations so you can differentiate your product for different regions or follow a different marketing strategy for different locations.