In today’s world, the modern consumer has the luxury (and often the problem) of choosing from a large range of vendors for almost any product imaginable. Because the accessibility of the Internet provides an abundance of retailers to choose from, it has become increasingly important that the customers’ shopping experience is an excellent one.

Guided Selling is an up and coming technology that is used by brands and retailers to help potential buyers choose the most suitable products based on their individual needs. It is used to actively guide shoppers to a confident purchase decision.

You are probably wondering how exactly Guided Selling solutions will thrill your customers and multiply conversions. Let’s jump straight into details. What do you need to do in order to impress your customers and sell more effectively in 2016?

1. Identify customer’s needs and address them quickly

Impatience is, without a doubt, something online and mobile shoppers feel. In searching for a product to fulfill their own personal needs, the potential customer can feel frustrated over the precious time they’ve lost in their hunt.

Good Guided Selling solutions ask need-oriented questions to understand shopper intent and present the perfect products in no time. Sites such as West Marine, an online outfitter of boating-related products, take the customer through a series of visually appealing choices that get right to the core of which kayaks are ideal for the buyers’ needs and preferences.

West Marine - Kayak Finder

West Marine’s Kayak Finder.

2. Provide a personalized path to purchase

Personalization is a popular way to catch customer’s attention. In a world where online shoppers feel like a number being constantly advertised to, Guided Selling solutions offer customers a more personalized journey to discover products.

Rather than pushing random products to shoppers, only the products that match the shopper needs are suggested. By having this personalized component, that engages shoppers in an interactive dialogue, users are more empowered in their decision process and feel that the retailer actually cares about who they are instead of viewing them as another faceless shopper.

Canon - Lens Selector

Canon – Lens selector.

3. Keep the shopping experience enjoyable

Once the customers have arrived at your site, they will be looking for aspects of the website to engage and entertain them, like high quality photos, interactive graphics, animations, or quizes.

An excellent example of an interactive quiz is “Skin Diagnostic Tool” executed by Clinique. It asks the shopper to identify their skin concerns and then suggests products to solve them. This approach doesn’t only encourage a sale, but also makes your potential buyer feel engaged and important.

Clinique - Skin Care Diagnostic Tool

4. Offer an easy way to cut through the clutter

Analysis paralysis is a state of overthinking purchasing options, to the point where a potential buyer is discouraged from making a decision and does not complete an intended purchase. This most commonly occurs whenever too many options are provided for the shopper, overwhelming and confusing the individual.

To avoid analysis paralysis, interactive product advisors only present products that closely fit the customer’s needs. By reducing the number of suggested options, it has been proven that conversion rates can increase by up to 30%.

dogIDs - Collar Advisor

DogIDs – Collar Advisor.

5. Guarantee confident and satisfactory purchase decisions

One of the biggest fears associated with analysis paralysis is the customer’s concern that they are going to choose the wrong product. The best way to avoid losing sales to this confliction is to assure your potential customer that they are getting the exact product they want and need.

Good Guided Selling solutions do not only list the product features at the results page. They mark the features that fall into customer’s expectations based on their answers to need-oriented questions. They also enable quick product comparisons, which is another method commonly used to reassure shoppers about their choice.

LUNA Sandals Picker

Luna Sandals Picker, comparison table.

The days of walking into a store, choosing a product maybe from two or three varieties, and confidently purchasing that product are long gone.

Today’s customer has been conditioned to many new aspects of the shopping experience, such as the variety of online retailers to choose from, the overwhelming amount of product choices, and the expectation of being constantly engaged.

Beyond the personalized touch and cutting through the clutter, Guided Selling solutions elevate the online shopping experience for every potential customer and ultimately leave them with satisfactory purchase choices.