Are predictable marketing and customer support strategies really that bad?

Entrepreneurs are living in a time wherein everyone wants to be the next Zappos or Starbucks. In short, everybody out there wants to revolutionize the customer experience. In the current business landscape, the ability of brands to sell memorable experiences—not just passive, practical products—has become a key differentiator. Without this capability, companies won’t be able to stand out. Or at least, that’s most people’s preconceived notion.

Indeed, marketplaces across industries are teeming with companies aiming to impress their target clients. It’s as though their greatest fear is to become a plain wallflower while everyone else is out delighting consumers and exceeding their expectations.

But should this really be the case? Do grandiose marketing strategies and customer service really guarantee success?

Why boring may sometimes be good

Some business leaders, mostly in startups, think that the best way to generate a loyal following is to keep surprising their customers. It could be through an exciting marketing tactic or impressive customer support. They look for creative, out-of-the-box solutions to common issues in the hopes of captivating customers.

In some cases, however, this isn’t really what buyers want. Rather, most consumers need to know what they can expect from you—be it in terms of customer care, product development, or marketing. Your goal, therefore, must be to build a reliable organization. Customers need to know without doubt that you have their back and that you’re not going to abandon them. This kind of consistency is what really allows companies to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with their market.

This isn’t to say, however, that flashy companies are at a disadvantage. Their fun and unique business approaches can pique people’s interest. But the question is, will they be able to sustain it?

It requires a great deal of commitment, effort, and money to consistently deliver a highly delightful customer experience. The brands that can pull it off spend a lot of time planning, shaping their internal culture, and empowering their employees. In the end, they’re able to form an outstanding image, which lets them reap greater rewards. But until you’re equipped to do the same thing, you should focus instead on building a reliable brand.

The things that scare customers away

Part of building a dependable company is ensuring that your customers get the treatment they deserve. Here are three deal breakers that customers won’t accept from the companies they follow.

Failing to meet customers’ expectations. These days, customer information is widely available through online platforms. Brands, therefore, don’t have any excuse for being unaware of their market’s preferences. Regardless of your company’s size or the industry you’re in, you should keep collecting insights about your customers so you can tailor your strategies according to their needs.

Complicating the consumer journey. Customers appreciate brands that provide them a hassle-free journey. Many brands thus partner with call centers so they’ll have an external team that focuses solely on their clients’ concerns. Aside from this, aligning your marketing and customer support strategies can help you streamline the consumer journey.

Breaking their promises. A mark of a good brand is its ability to keep its word. When you make promises, be sure you can keep them. This demonstrates your commitment to making your customers happy.