Every once in a while I read an article that questions whether the cable providers are going to slowly disappear. The question is a valid one, as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and even YouTube offer quality programming at a fraction of the price.

Cable wires

This week, it is projected that Nielsen will officially announce that next September, they will start measuring TV viewership across tablets and mobile phones.

To me, this announcement makes a much bigger statement about the state of content consumption and the cable providers.

It is an acknowledgement that people are no longer only watching their content on their living room television set and are much more comfortable viewing wherever they happen to be spending free time with an Internet connection.

In fact, this week I read another article about “cord cutters” and “cord nevers” that indicated that “2013 [is] on pace to be the first year ever that total U.S. pay-TV subscriptions will decline, falling to 100.8 million from 100.9 million last year” (HIS).

So, where does that leave the big guys like Time Warner Cable, Comcast and AT&T?

I would say they have a serious problem to address.

I am sure that at least some of you were impacted by the contract dispute stalemate between Time Warner and CBS.

And now that this battle is over, you can rest assured that you will be paying more for your cable to account for the increased fees that CBS demanded.

There is also a lot written about cable bundling and the havoc it is wreaking on your cable bill!

If (like me) you don’t watch sports, WHY ON EARTH are you paying so much for your TNT?

And let’s not forget the various competitors like Aereo and Google who are starting to offer alternatives to your traditional cable packages (albeit not without a fight from the cable providers!).

It seems to me that the cable providers should wake up and realize that they aren’t gaining any good will by gouging their subscribers.

Who is going to stick around when the alternative options continue to open up?

Let’s be honest…

If I can stay engaged and entertained by watching House of Cards or Orange is the New Black on Netflix for less than $10/month or Wigs on YouTube for FREE, why wouldn’t I simply abandon ship?

I happen to love my cable service, but I can guarantee that the minute HBO announces that they will become available independent of a cable subscription, I am outta here!

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