Singer Taylor Swift may be a huge superstar, but she is also a very smart business woman. On Wednesday, she posted a video to YouTube called “Swiftmas” (even the name is clever) where she documented the wrapping and packaging of gifts that she picked out for some of her most loyal fans, complete with hand written notes. Swift knew exactly what to buy these fans, based on researching their social media pages. From the reaction of the fans that received these packages, it is clear just how much this act of appreciation truly meant to them.

Your Customers Are Your Business

This is why Swift is a smart business woman. She gets it that her fans are her customers and it is important to keep your customers happy. Now, I am not saying this is her motivation for giving gifts to her fans, she seems like a genuine person, but she hasn’t let her success cloud the fact that it is not all about taking from your customers, it is about giving back to your customers and showing that you appreciate their business.

What Taylor Swift Did That Your Business Should Do

  • Swift studied her fans’ social media pages to see their likes, hobbies, jobs, etc., to find out more about them.
  • She didn’t just send an autographed photo of herself or her CD, but rather a gift that had nothing to do with her that they wanted or she thought they would like.
  • She included a lengthy hand written note stating why she was sending the package, and showing that she truly had gotten to know them.
  • She even hand delivered some packages herself.
  • She documented and publicized Swiftmas, probably gaining her even more fans. Nothing wrong with that, businesses promote their customer appreciation stories all the time, and, thanks to social media, your customers (like Taylor’s fans) will likely publicize your nice gesture as well.

Keeping The Customers You Have

As I have said many times, it isn’t always about trying to get new customers. Repeat customers and referral customers can be a large percentage of your business. But it is a two-way street. So be like Taylor and carve out some time in 2015 to really get to know your customers and find ways to show them how grateful you are for their business. Anytime you go that extra step to show your appreciation, you will likely have a customer (fan) for life.

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