Over the past few months I’ve written about ways for businesses to improve their marketing programs in an effort to secure new customers, strengthen customer relations, and turn customers into what I like to call brand ambassadors. The reason for all of this isn’t exactly rocket science—it’s all about generating new and ongoing sales. If your company’s marketing and sales teams are working in concert together, you’ll have a much better chance of raising sales and keeping customers for the long haul.

Some of the key areas I’ve discussed include the importance of leveraging personalization technology, turning customer touch points into trust points, and effectively managing multiple channels.

While this might sound overwhelming to those of you who lead marketing departments, it’s actually easier than it sounds. However, it’s only easier if you have a well develop plan and use the tools that fit your needs. Here are a few things you can do to help build an exception experience for your customers.

Develop your content strategy
This term is used quite often today and it refers to the planning, development and management of your content. So, how’s your content strategy looking?

Promote consistent messaging
Do customers see the same content in the same way when they’re on a laptop, tablet or smartphone? Is the same story being told through all of your channels, both online and offline? Having consistent messaging as well as page layouts with the same colors and fonts is something that customers notice.

Keep the content fresh
With millions of websites to visit, why would customers come to your company’s website? It’s pretty clear when a website isn’t updated frequently or it lacks interesting content. Keep the content fresh and keep visitors coming back. Don’t forget that by doing so it helps your page ranking in organic searches.

Leverage social media
Twitter…Facebook…Pinterest…they’re all valuable resources that can help promote your brand. If you doubt it, take a look at Starbucks’ Instagram account – nice photos and 3.8 million followers. Also, make sure it’s easy to share content via social media channels on your website.

Manage your customer’s journey
There are many technologies that exist to help your company engage with customers. What’s important is to work with technology that does three things: (1) ensures that you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, (2) helps to simplify content creation and distribution in one location, and (3) serves as the integration point for best of breed technologies that fit your company’s individual needs.

If you want to make your customer’s journey an enjoyable one, draft a content strategy, create compelling content, effectively manage content distribution across multiple channels, and find a technology vendor that can bring your vision to life.