This Is Why Beyoncé Is The Worlds Best CSM

Over the course of my career, I’ve interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of people. In my time as a recruiter, I would interview at least twenty people a month. For the most part, my interview strategy and questions have remained fairly consistent. That is until I started interviewing Customer Success Managers over the past few years. I’ve added a new question to my arsenal:

What is your definition of Customer Success?

The discipline of customer success is a relatively new one and with that comes many misconceptions about the function we play. As such, it’s important for every Customer Success Manager to quickly and accurately define their trade not only to a future hiring manager but also to their sales partners.

In a recent conversation with a colleague, I asked for his definition of customer success. His response left me speechless.

“I’m on Team Beyoncé.”

Beyonce team.gif

While I didn’t know how to respond, he had my attention. I asked him to explain what Team Beyoncé meant and how that had anything to do with customer success. What you read next will forever be my definition of customer success as it accurately describes what we aim to do.

Imagine a group of young adults on a Friday night at a club, enjoying some adult beverages while also looking for some adult fun. Allow me to generalize here for a moment, but for many, the objective is clear; seek something exciting for the short term that will likely fizzle shortly after the weekend.

On the other hand, there are a few people who are on Team Beyoncé in the club. They are not there for anything other than to put a ring on it. They aim to find someone special, learn their needs and wants and to build a long-term relationship with that person.

That is customer success. Instead of looking for a quick win and be forgotten, we aim to put a ring on the finger of our customers and build a meaningful relationship, resulting in years of mutual success.

Customer success has to be a long-term play and can only be truly executed when you’re on Team Beyoncé. Everything we do is about putting a ring on it.

Are you on the right team?