The Best Customer Success Online (and Offline) Communities

SaaS Tattler Issue 99 – The Best Online (and Offline) Customer Success Communities

One of the main attributes of Customer Success Managers is that they are sociable people – they like to network, connect, discuss, share, and help one another. This is, after all, why so many Customer Success Professionals fall in love with the industry. The social nature of Customer Success work brings CSMs to chat with everyone they know: sales, marketing, product, and of course, customers.

Sometimes, it’s nice to talk with other Customer Success Professionals. Many others have gone through the common hurdles of Customer Success, and many have found ways to overcome them.

So this week, we want to honour the Customer Success community and all the beautiful things that collaboration and exchange have brought about. Here is a list of some of the top online (and some offline) communities out there – where you can engage with like-minded people, get advice, give advice, laugh and maybe sometimes cry (hopefully not too often).

LinkedIn Groups

There are many Customer Success groups on LinkedIn. The most impressive one being the Customer Success Forum and its 20,000+ members. If you’re not already a part of this community monitored by the Customer Success Association, you may want to join ASAP.

Another great place to “bring together ideas, strategies, and tactics” is the Customer Success Managers in Action group and its 6,000+ active members.

Here are a few other active groups:

Customer Success Management
Chief Customer Officer Institute – CCOi
Customer Success
Chief Customer Officer

OUTCOMES: The SuccessHacker Community

This online community defines itself as a “Success-focused community and online resource for Customer Success professionals”. It’s a great place to share thoughts, questions, events, and even job postings. The SuccessHacker group monitors and shares on a very regular basis, and you can even get an app.


Meetups are the best – almost every city out there has some kind of Customer Success Meetup happening on a regular basis. Meeting other Customer Success professionals in person and building a strong community in your city is the best way to make lasting connections.

/r/CustomerSuccess on Reddit

Simple and fast way to share links and find new resources online. You can also ask questions, and answer other people’s call for advice.


The quora topic “Customer Success” has over 2,000 followers – it’s the place to go to get answers to almost any question you might have about Customer Success strategies, best practices, and challenges. There is also a variety of related topics such as “Customer Retention” and “Customer Satisfaction” which you can follow.

Slack Communities

There is an increasing amount of Slack communities out there, from “Women in Sales” to “WriterHangout”. There are a few Customer Success-focused slacks groups you can join, such as the CS Heroes Slack and the Customer Retention/Happiness. Slack is without a doubt hosting some of the most active communities out there, and it’s a great way to make new friends, and chit-chat about your life as a CSM.

The Best of Customer Success Today

The news is out, Customer Success Manager was crowned twice this week as one of the best and most promising jobs out there!

Based on LinkedIn’s research, we know that the top reasons people change jobs is to pursue a stronger career path, make more money or access more opportunities within their organization. Based on these criteria, Customer Success Manager ranked #19 after Analytics Manager and right before Medical Director.

Based on big growth, great pay and satisfying work, Customer Success Manager ranked #25 on CNN Money and PayScale’s top 100 careers in America. We got a B in Personal Satisfaction, a C in Benefit to Society, and a B in Low Stress – thoughts?