Taking good care of customers means connecting with them in a way that suits the demands of their lifestyle and social media has emerged as a wonderfully successful platform for companies to do just that. Whether the issue at hand is technical support, promotion or answering pre-sales questions, the platform offered by Twitter in particular brings companies together with their customers in a fast, simple and very intuitive way.

While representatives of nearly all industries are taking part in the social media revolution in one way or another, the insurance industry in particular has dove in head first. Here are seven insurance case studies showcasing some of the best customer service on Twitter:

1. State Farm Insurance @statefarm

State Farm Insurance

Utilizing their Twitter page as a full communications platform for customer promotion, State Farm offers several tweets each day to its more than 25,000 followers that showcase insurance related news, contributions to good causes and in-company promotions. Reaching out directly to customers seems to take a back seat with the State Farm Twitter account, providing them a strong opportunity for social growth in the future, especially given their large following.

2. Progressive Insurance @progressive

Progressive Insurance

Running a Twitter operation very similar to State Farm’s, the social media team at Progressive Insurance focuses on delivering news and promotional material to its followers while occasionally communicating directly with clients. With company news and statements at the forefront, Progressive shares State Farm’s potential for growth in social media use.

3. Geico @geico & Geico Service @geico_service

Geico Service

Geico serves as an excellent example of a more thorough use of Twitter by an insurance firm, using two accounts to separate news and commentary from direct customer service opportunities.

According to autoinsurancequotes.net, the company’s main @Geico account serves as a conduit through which Geico presents its face to the world, offering news, promotional material and general hilarity in an effort to work within its historically fun branding scheme. On the other side of the Twitter-use spectrum, the @Geico_Service account works directly with customers, messaging back and forth using the public platform in order to make first contact easier for everyone involved.

4. Esurance @esurance


Using their Twitter account strictly as a public relations tool, Esurance keeps it followers informed about company news and marketing promotions while adding in a dash of personal information about the people behind the company itself. Insurance related tutorials posted on its website also play a role, giving customers useful information on how to avoid the accidents that lead to auto insurance claims.

5. American Family Insurance @amfam

American Family Insurance

Touting personalized tweets from “Tom and Debra,” the Twitter feed of American Family is unfortunately lacking in its approach to a personalized dialog with its existing customers but, with more than 10,000 followers and a wide range of promotional activities tweeted about, the company is able to take good advantage of new potential customers.

While after-sales customer service is hugely important, attracting new buyers through promotions is equally crucial from a marketing standpoint, and this obviously holds true with American Family.

6. Northwestern Mutual Insurance @NM_News

Northwestern Mutual Insurance

Supplanting promotion material with educational material, the Northwestern Mutual Twitter account offers nearly daily links to informative articles that aim to help customers new and old to choose the best policies for their lifestyles. While not exactly hands-on, this approach does a great service for Northwestern’s customers by keeping them in the loop on a subject that is often seen as complex and difficult to understand.

7. Chubb Insurance @ChubbInsurance

Chubb Insurance

Chubb Insurance takes an approach similar to that of Northwestern where its Twitter feed is concerned, using the platform almost exclusively for the purpose of customer education. With a level of follower interaction that lies above most of the examples above, Chubb’s Twitter account also serves as a more friendly face to the world for the company.