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It is a common practice for business owners and marketers to use customer testimonials to further their business. Testimonials are a form of marketing strategy which involves unofficial endorsements by the customers with their ‘word of mouth’ play.

Customer testimonials serve as a great opportunity to affect and influence the buying behavior of other potential customers. Here are some of the benefits:

● Establishes trust and increases credibility

Since testimonials come from unbiased sources, readers tend to have more trust in them. If a company’s representative tells a potential customer how excellent their services are, the customer may not find it to be highly trustworthy since they’ll consider it just executives doing their job. However, when it comes from someone that is not linked to the company and has experienced the service firsthand, there is bound to be more trust.

● Boost Business

It has been proven that testimonials can help businesses grow. How does it happen? The truth is that a huge number of people would first go on the internet to know about a service provider before they buy the service. If the testimonials are good, potential new customers will be attracted to the service which means more business for you.

● Affordable, Actually FREE!

Yes, you read it right! Getting testimonials is free. All you have to do is let your customers know that you would like to hear their feedback and then get permission to publish it on your website and other such tools once you receive it (given that it is positive). There is no need to spend a penny! However, some paid and professional options are also available.

Some More Tips:

As stated above, testimonials are useful but only when they are positive and sound unbiased. Plus, to be more beneficial you should try and get these from reliable sources and with proper names, such as the name of the company and URL you worked for.

Additionally, publish only the positive ones! There is no need to publish negative feedback. And if you have been receiving negative feedback only, it is time that you up your game and make changes where necessary.

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