In the enterprise world, it’s easy to become paralyzed with the number of customer experience solutions available. How do you decide where to invest?

You want to make the customer journey as effortless as possible. After all, the end goal is to create customers who enjoy working with your business. If you can transform them into lifelong, loyal customers, all the better.

Yet there are many solutions available and you only have so much time and budget to spend on them. Where will you get the most bang for your buck?

How to Beat Paralysis and Find the Most High-Value Customer Experience Solutions

Creating Balance Between Tech and Humans

For years, companies attempted to move away from live conversations. The focus was on how to answer questions quickly, yet not invest in more employees than necessary.

Customer experience solutions such as Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs), self-service, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and chat all have their places. They’re great for answering lower-value, common questions (like, “what are your hours?”) or single line questions (for instance, “where do I go to reset my password?”).

At the same time, there are two critical things these channels don’t do:

  • They don’t do is answer complex and/or multi-level questions
  • They don’t build an emotional connection

In today’s world, the high value is in building trust and genuine connections. That’s what allows you to close the deal or answer the most pressing questions. The customer experience solutions that can accomplish this goal should be of the highest priority.

Driving high-value conversations to real people

As complexity increases, the human element plays a growing and more important role. Online retailers may be able to move much of their transactions to a click-to-buy process. However, when you dig into customer experience from a wide range of other industries – such as insurance, healthcare, banks, and travel companies – you notice a different story.

Why is this so? At some point, every person has a question that can’t be answered by selecting “choice one or two”.

For instance, asking questions about a bill, choosing a doctor, or requesting a refund is a more complex proposition. These types of situations can’t completely be covered by self-service and automation no longer is the easiest way to find the answer.

Moreover, it is during these high-value transactions that building an emotional connection and trust with your customers is key. When customers are ready for true conversation, you need voice and visuals to create that all-important personal touch. This is the moment of truth, when you can show your business’ most human side to your customers.

When you invest in a visual engagement solution, you have the opportunity to go beyond simply talking with people. With the combination of visuals and voice, you can guide online customers, bringing them into much-welcomed realm of intelligent customer care.

The most human experience wins

These days, it’s hard to differentiate yourself in the online space. You have to show customers that there’s value in doing business with you beyond simply purchasing a product or service.

The right customer experience solutions allow customers and agents to connect instantly. It no longer matters where the customer is working—within a browser, in the cloud, on a desktop, or on a mobile device.

With a visual connection, conversations can be relevant and clear. Agents no longer have to ask questions like, “Are you online?” or “What do you see?” Instead, they can dive straight into, “Let me give you the help you need.”

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