The public deserves competent, efficient, and responsive customer service from the Federal Government. Barack Obama’s Executive Order inspires just that.

The President’s Executive Order #13571 inspires federal government agencies and departments, known for so long for their bad customer service standards, to streamline the delivery of their service to the people and improve customer service.

Executive departments and agencies must continuously evaluate their performance in meeting this standard and work to improve it.

-Barack Obama

The Barack Obama Customer Service Standard

The president’s customer service standard executive order outlines the ideals that make up the correct approach to deliver a good customer service experience.

Executive order customer service principles:

  • Survey and review customer feedback regarding customer service delivery.
  • Establish service standards based on the needs and wants of your specific customer base you serve.
  • Track on-going customer service performance against service standards demanded by customers.
  • Benchmark customer service delivery against that of the best service-focused organizations in business.

The Federal Government Customer Service Demands

As technology continues to advance across all areas of business and society, the demands of the public continues to grow. Government should and must take a more active role in leading the charge to keep up with innovation and set the example for service delivery. There should be a constant attitude of service improvement and co-operation between agencies and the customers they service.

Managers at the government level MUST learn from what has and is working in the private sector and implement the more effective principles that will help government agencies improve the delivery of government service.

Among these principles are:

  • Less hoops.
  • Less barriers.
  • Less run-around.
  • More responsive agencies.
  • More self-service options.
  • More technology integration.
  • More focus on customer experience.
  • Greater transparency.
  • Faster services.

Ultimately, the Federal Government has to align itself with the needs and wants of the people. It’s time to streamline and implement the customer service principles that are more efficient and effective at serving the general public.

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