Last month the article “5 Traits of Successful Customer Experience Leaders” was featured in the Yahoo! Small Business Advisor. In short, these traits are: flexibility, business acumen, instinct, communication prowess and empathy.

Similarly, customer experience leaders utilizing big data share a number of the same attributes, as well as other key traits. These people are tasked with changing company culture and delivering insight that will ultimate generate more revenue.

Here are many important attributes customer experience leaders possess:

• An entrepreneurial spirit, embracing the data, technology, and analytic innovations that extend the realm of the possible in discovering, designing, and delivering superior customer experiences.
• A commitment to urgency, to secure a first mover advantage to ensure that a company’s competitive position is strengthened through the wise use of big data to improve customers’ experiences.
• An openness to the possibilities that emerge from having a holistic customer view resulting from the convergence of multiple, complementary data sources that tell the story about how to enhance experiences.
• An analytical acumen, with a solid foundation (but not necessarily deep expertise) in the discipline of data mining, in order to better detect the important customer experience ‘signals’ embedded in the ‘noise.’
• A data-driven outlook, embodying the recognition that the smart use of customer data is the sharpest (and truest) arrow in a company’s quiver.
• A focus on customer needs, both those that are specifically related to a company’s products and services as well as those that are more generally related to the larger context of the customer’s job and life; and ensuring that data are collected to better understand and fulfill all those needs.
• Possessing a data strategy, that links what you have, what you can infer, and what you can get to the requirements of the marketing, sales, and service functions.
• A willingness to “free the data”, giving the entire organization—from senior management through frontline employees—visibility to customer experience insights, so that the complete continuum from strategy through direct customer contact can benefit.
• A deep knowledge of the business, allowing a thorough understanding of all the linkages between a company’s priorities, policies, and procedures to customers’ experiences.
Creativity and ingenuity, inspired by examining the customer experience initiatives of innovative companies in other industries and avoiding the shortsightedness of only scrutinizing competitors.

The depth and breadth of customer experience professionals make them powerful assets in any organization. What other traits would you add to the list?