Attraction marketing is the clever trait you can use in any business to bring your customers to you, rather than them having to find you, either by chance or by searching for you.

To give an example; If you are a retail clothing company and your shop window was full of frumpy boringly plain attire, as a customer you would doubtless spend little or no time peering in, and probability is that you would not even step inside. However, if the window display was bright, upbeat and bold and the shop oozing an atmosphere of welcoming stimuli to enhance all your senses you would quite probably step inside!

What happens when a well dressed person male or female enters a room? People look usual lift their heads and look the person up and down and then keep trying to catch a further glimpse.

It’s a simple fact we are drawn to attractive things. Our businesses are attractive because they captivate attention in the first place.

All the most successful organisations use this power of attraction to attract their clients, social media followers, and ultimately all their customers!

attraction marketing

 The Vital Pointers

Here are 3 vital pointers I use in my company to make my team fully aware and use Attraction marketing at its best;

1. Use Mystery; Tell great stories by using imagery and inspirational advertising.

2. Use Sensuality; All the senses must attract your customers, sound, sight, smell, touch and taste

3. Use Intimacy; Use your 100% commitment, empathy and passion

I love to visit the dizzy markets of Istanbul. Here people have a passion. The bazaars offer a fabulous rich tapestry of a shopping experience. Although at times, a little ‘scary’, I am drawn again and again the pungent smells, open sacks filling the air with the deep fragrance of spices and fruits.

A conglomeration of noises, calls to attract attention, exchanges of bartering, visual richness and the touching of flesh, as you wander through. If we were to take some notes in the western world about how to attraction can work, then these markets with their diversity of senses can teach us a great deal.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming
attractions.” Albert Einstein

A good book to read on the powers of attraction: ‘Top Professional Networking and Attraction Marketing Secrets from the Real World’