I belong to a dynamic business organization that has hundreds of paying members. Every Wednesday, many of us attend a one-hour meeting where we share our successes, promote our businesses, and network with each other. The meeting attracts between 35 and 40 members, and always a handful of guests.

At one point in the meeting, each person will get up and give a “30-Second Commercial” (also known as an “Elevator Speech”) about their business.

For me, membership in the organization is a slam-dunk. I get referrals every week through members, many of whom are not themselves, my ideal customers.

But this is not the case for everyone. Every now and then a member drops out. When asked why, the most common reason is:

“My customers aren’t in that room.”

I certainly understand why a busy entrepreneur doesn’t want to invest his or her time to attend a weekly meeting that doesn’t bring in new business.

But I look at it this way:

  • Someone in that room is my ideal customer, and I don’t know it yet.
  • Someone in that room knows someone who is my ideal customer.
  • Someone in that room has a customer who is my ideal customer, too.
  • Someone in that room is going to meet my ideal customer.

During my 30-second commercial, I articulate my business story in a way that clearly conveys the value of what my company does, who we do it for, and the outcomes. That’s why I continually receive strong leads through the meetings (not because of my good looks).

And, I’ve noticed something interesting about a lot of the people who have stopped attending meetings:

Their elevator speech…well, it sucked!

If you struggle with your elevator speech, have left a networking group because you don’t get leads, or are thinking about joining a new networking group, I want you to stop and get totally clear about your ideal customers right now.

Don’t walk away from the opportunity because you think your “customers are not in that room”.

(Shameless self-promotion time)

I’ll teach you how to get totally clear about your ideal customers and craft an elevator speech that falls trippingly off your tongue…and gets you leads. I’ve created a unique process and formula that really works.

Here’s what my clients have to say:

“With Betsy’s help, I have made so much progress. I used to have trouble explaining my consulting business, but now clients actually listen and respond.”

“Not a painless process, but when completed, we are very, very confident about what we needed to say and to whom. Highly recommend her process and approach.”

Betsy’s “Ideal Client” model helped me transform my sporadic workflow of random projects into a steady stream of relevant work by targeting new and returning clients who my skills serve best.”

My ideal client, now that I totally get her, moves quickly through the like-know-trust continuum and quickly says, “Yes!”. I now close 80% of my enrollment conversations!