“Sounds great, and let us know if we can be helpful in any other way” are the words ended by most phone calls at SalesLoft.

Sales reps who are helpful, win. They look after their customer’s best interest, they prove their industry expertise, build trust, and in many occasions, develop new friendships. A helpful sales rep becomes much more to a customer/prospect than just a company contact.

How to Be Helpful:

  • be a sounding board for your prospect’s ideas
  • be their industry expert. Update them on new products outside your industry. A great example we use at SalesLoft is showing customers Salescrunch — the VC recommended demo platform for sales reps. This suggestion shows our industry knowledge and provides our prospect with another option for their sales team.
  • introduce your prospect to other companies that might even be new prospects of their own. Being a connector is extremely valuable and if you’re looking out for prospect’s best interest you’ll spend a minute or two introducing them to a potential valuable connection.

When you wake up in the morning, are you looking to be helpful or are you looking to pitch a product?