Our mantra at Shepard Presentations is to Always Be Amazing. Those three words are very important. They are totally consistent with what we stand for, what I write about in my books and articles, and how we conduct ourselves at work every day. It’s simple…

  • We want to be amazing for our employees.
  • We want to be amazing for our clients.
  • And, we want to teach our clients to be amazing to their customers, clients, guests, members – and anyone else they do business with.

Last year I wrote a book titled Be Amazing or Go Home. I wrote about the concept of consistency and used acting legend Richard Burton as an example. The focus was on consistently doing your best. Every day Burton tried to perform at his best. When he performed in plays, night after night, as he was walking out on stage, he would say, “I want to be so good tonight that I cheat the audience that was here last night.” In other words, be better today than yesterday.

That’s a lofty goal, but one worthy of trying to achieve. Maybe you do it. Maybe you don’t. Regardless, you give it your best shot. Often, it’s the effort of trying your best that gives others confidence about you. That’s what brings customers back – when they can say, “I can depend on them to always do what’s best.” And, if for some reason there is a failure, it won’t be for lack of effort.

That brings me to another example of doing your best. Sometimes you may need a reason. That reason can be your personal motivation. I recently read a quote by another legend, this time in the sports world. It is said that baseball icon and Hall of Famer, Joe DiMaggio, was asked by a reporter, “Why do you play so hard every single day?” Dimaggio replied, “Because in the stands there may be someone who is seeing me for the first time or for the last time, and they expect my best.”

Yes, DiMaggio was a fierce competitor and came to every game to win. And, it was his second reason that added fuel that motivation. Just like Richard Burton, Joe Dimaggio knew people came to see him play. They came to see him do his best. And, he never wanted to let them down.

So, what’s your reason for wanting to do your best? What inspires you to be the best you that you can be? When you find it, and you live it, you’ll come to work to be your best. Your customers will appreciate you. Your colleagues at work will appreciate you. And, you’ll appreciate you!