Customers are the heart of of any business. It is important to keep them happy, loyal and walking back through your door on a regular basis. What better way to guarantee their return than to reward them for each dollar they spend? Our advanced loyalty system allows you to give multiple rewards to all of your customers and encourages them to keep coming back in so they can cash in on bigger and better rewards

We’ve developed a comprehensive loyalty system that is extremely customizable, while still being easy to use. Start small and work your way up in order to give your best customers some amazing treats.

First, give your loyalty program a name and short description so your customers know how to use it. This is where you can specify how to get a stamp. For example, a restaurant may want the user to stamp the loyalty tab for every $10 spent or a salon may wants stamps for each time a customer comes in for a manicure. You can also customize the name of each perk and how many perks you would like to offer. Don’t forget to reward customers loyalty stamps for downloading the app and choosing to accept push notes upon installation. You can enable this feature by selecting the “Earn Credits for Installing/Accepting Push Notes” check box.

Next you’ll decide on what each perk is and how many stamps are required to unlock it. Make sure to alot rewards appropriately based on how much they are spending. A local cafe my want to give away a free coffee after 5 stamps, a free muffin after 10 and a $15 gift card after 20, whereas a nice restaurant may offer a free glass of wine after 10 stamps, a free dessert after 20, and dinner on the house after 40. This is a great way to give your business a leg up on the competition. After all, why try a new ice cream parlor when you are 2 cones away from a free sundae?

Paper stamp cards are a thing of the past now that your customers will never leave home without their loyalty card.