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There’s a fine line between connecting with your users based upon their email/website activity and inadvertently stalking them. The number one rule when trying to deliver relevant content to your users is “do not come across as Big Brother in an Orwellian dystopia” – people just don’t seem to like having their privacy invaded for some reason. Here are some suggestions of how, through teaming up with a company like Fresh Relevance, you can provide your users with useful and relevant content, specifically looking at email communications, in a way that should ingratiate them to you rather than get their hackles up.

Getting Started with Fresh Relevance

The great thing with Fresh Relevance is there is very little development required to set it up:

  1. A Knowledge Transfer Form needs to be filled out, which we are always happy to assist with, which basically lets Fresh Relevance know what information you are trying to glean about your customers and from which pages.
  2. A Javascript tracking script needs to be added, through a tag manager if preferred, which is harmless and runs asynchronously when a page loads.
  3. A single tracking pixel can be added to the page complete page to allow correct monitoring of how many purchases can be traced back to Fresh Relevance for accurate reporting.

The final thing to consider is how to capture your user to match them back to the activity being tracked. Forms on your website that capture emails e.g. for a newsletter signup will work, as will passing the email itself through as a parameter on links that your users will directly click to arrive at your website. If you wish to obscure the email you can just send their ID across instead and load all emails and IDs in Fresh Relevance, so they can match back.

Basket Abandonment

We’ve touched on basket abandonment before, and this is a really good way to encourage your customers (if you have an e-commerce website) to return to the potential purchases they were deliberating over and give them a gentle nudge to see if they have changed their minds. The way it works is by capturing the email/id of a user that closes the basket page, and setting up a trigger within Fresh Relevance which will then pass the HTML of their basket (limited to a certain number if you don’t want to show the whole thing) back to us after a certain length of time where we will send out your basket abandonment template complete with each dynamic basket.