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If you offer up a technology product or have other reasons to provide tech support services, you know how important it is to provide effective tech support to your customers. You also know that doing this and staying within your budget can be a real challenge. The following nine tools will help you to automate some of the processes relating to tech support while still staying within budget.


There are two ways in which good customer support can help your business. The first and most obvious is that good support keeps customers happy. Resolve problems and keep people educated about your products, and you will turn one time buyers into company loyalists. The second is that the feedback you receive from customers, even unhappy ones, is extremely valuable. What better way is there to learn what works and what doesn’t work than to hear directly from customers.

UserVoice takes customer feedback that you receive and aggregates that into analytical data. You can then use this data to explore trends, identify defects, and determine which new features should be worked into new versions of your product.


Netswat IT Solutions is an all in one technical support solution. In some cases, your best bet might be to outsource all or a portion of your technical support services. For example, if you need to offer tech support to internal users, but don’t need to help external customers with tech support, Netswat could very well be the time and money saving solution that you need.

The team at Netswat can help with disaster recovery, special projects, system monitoring, proactive maintenance, and much more. They provide these services at very reasonable rates, and they don’t force customers into long term contracts.

Process Explorer

This free tool allows tech support team members to analyze processes that are currently running on a client’s computer. The tool provides an easier to decipher interface and more information than standard tools such as task manager. It’s a great way to explore what is happening in real time. If you’ve ever solved a customer’s ‘problem’ with your product by killing off a completely unrelated product, you can probably see the value in this product.

Even better, if your product is the problem, Process Explorer will give you very detailed statistics on security attributes, memory stats, and a host of other information. This is definitely a tool for first level support personnel to have on hand.

Ccleaner Tech Edition

This is yet another tool that techs can use to help users clean up their computers, and restore normal functionality. This is a great option for an IT support team that must provide general support to customers, or to other employees.

The best known version of Ccleaner is designed for independent technicians. However, that does not mean that they do not have appropriate options for tech support teams. There are services available for enterprise level needs, and for small medium and large businesses.


Let’s call this the trifecta of diagnostic tools. Just like the other tools on this list, hardware info can be used to help you to reach out to your audience and solve their problems. HwInfo simply returns to technicians information on the hardware details of the computer systems that they are currently examining. If you or a team member needs help, HWinfo can help you to analyze their specific hardware needs and history. Think of this as a bit of a dummy proof plug and play option that you can use to help out tech desk support staff, customer service, and a variety of other services that you need.

Request Tracker

This is a truly amazing open source solution that allows users to create and track customer tickets. This means that this option for tracking customer issues is open to anybody. On a positive note this is free. It also means that you have a way to track requests outside of coworkers or partners abilities.


Why does a tech support team need a great micro learning platform? Think about it. A good tech support employee has a combination of soft and hard skills. These skills need to be developed through a supportive educational system that works. Grovo employs microlearning to make this happen. This means that education happens in short bursts that guarantee retention.

If your budget is tight, you can avail yourself and your team to Grovo’s existing content library. There you can access training on digital tools, soft skills development, event management. If you would like to customize the education options, you can purchase their content as a service option.


It doesn’t matter if you have an official solution for accepting customer support requests and tracking those solutions. If people can contact you via email, they are going to do so. So, how do you deal with customers who end run your official tech support channels, and fill up your in box? One solution you should consider is MailChimp.

While it is intended for marketing purposes, MailChimp’s tracking features can be absolutely invaluable. This is especially true if a customer support exchange becomes contentious. The tracking features can also serve as a means to keep support staff up to date if tech support requests migrate from email back to customer support.


Sometimes, a tech support issue requires many heads to solve the problem. When this happens TeamViewer allows multiple people to dial into a PC and see what is happening. This is a great option when multiple teams must come together to provide tech support. It is also a great option when support must be transferred, escalated, or de-escalated.

TeamViewer provides a great means for a support team and customer to truly collaborate and make things happen. If you have ever been on the negative side of a customer support call, you probably understand the platform from what it is like to find customer support as alternatives. TeamViewer is a tool that keeps everybody on your team on the exact same page.

Tech support is so much more important than people realize. You might need to deal with internal and external support needs. You will most certainly have to deal with budget concerns. It is definitely no secret that employing great customer support solutions can save money, empower users, and provide a support platform that is absolutely needed, can keep available and ready to ask the most important questions. These opportunities won’t come when easy solutions become available. In fact, it is during these situations when the tools on this list will be the most valuable.